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What will happen if I quit taking my Estrogen?

The risk of osteoporosis increases after stopping estrogen, as well as menopausal symptoms! Taking — or not taking — hormone therapy deserves careful consideration, you should discuss this with you doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Julietta Reply:

    What Happens If I Stop Taking My Hormone Replacement? Print this What will happen if I stop HRT? What Happens When You Stop Taking Lexapro? Source:

  2. Jovita Reply:

    Jul 18, 2011 If fertilization does occur, estrogen and progesterone work together to prevent millions of women stopped taking hormone therapy in 2002 after the results of .. How do I know if my on-again, off-again menstrual bleeding is

  3. Yolonda Reply:

    mental and phsyical changes happen the fat of your body moves down from your belly to your hips and thighs, your growth rate of your hair is increasted and you grow more attracted to men (soz about spelling) o and comfert changes you feel m… Source:

  4. Denise Reply:

    Quick Overview of Estrogens and Testosterones: Estrogens are a type of steroid hormones produced by both men and women. They are the conterpart of the hormone ‘testosterone’ which is also present in both men and women. Estrogen hormones and… Source:

  5. Christi Reply:

    Introduction Although estrogen is primarily found in a woman’s body, it plays an important role in a man’s body as well. Although produced in smaller amounts, estrogen plays a part in both libido and sperm production. When estrogen levels d… Source:

  6. Mika Reply:

    What will happen if i stop taking estrogen hormones for Male the hormones for a while to Female?? like if i stay on and then after a long time, i stop the hormones, will I get

  7. Lasonya Reply:

    1! Will he get a new social security number after the surgery?? No, she will get a new card with her new name and after surgery she can have the sex marker changed at SSI with a notarized letter from the surgeon!2! Will he have to go to another state to get the surgery done?? (some say its cheaper in Colorado) It depends on the surgeon she is comfortable with! She will want to research several!3! Does he NEED health insurance?? (I mean if health insurance wont pay for cosmetic surgery then why would he need it??)It is nice but like so many in this country she can transition without it! Mine pays for therapy and my hormone treatment!4! How long will he be taking estrogen pills before the surgery?? Minimum of one year as per the standards of care! Most are on longer and she will need estrogen the rest of her life!5! Will he be taking other medications other than estrogen?? If so, what kind?? How long?? How much?? Most likely spiro! (Testosterone blocker) Will need to take it as long as her Doctor says but after SRS it will no longer be needed! As for dosage I am not a Doctor and I do not talk about that in a public forum6! What is the dosage amount of estrogen and/or other medications?? He is five foot, seven inches tall and he weighs 130 lbs! (if that helps at all) Again that will be up to her Doctor7! How long would the hospital stay be?? (When will he officially be able to go back to work??) She will be in the hospital approximately 1 week! It depends on the Doctor! Recovery will depend on her type of job and her healing time but my Doctor has said a minimum of 8 weeks!8! How long will his recovery take after getting out of the hospital?? Again that is dependent on each individual! Most I have talked to tell me 3-6 months before you really have your strength back!9! How long until he starts seeing results after taking the medication?? Every one is different! I personally felt much calmer after less then a week of estrogen! Breast tenderness at about 9 weeks!10! Should he get his name changed before or after his surgery??Before! Most do it prior to starting the real life experience!11! Does he have the option to reproduce?? Yes, She can store sperm prior to starting hormones! Within 6-12 months after starting she will most likely be sterile!12! What are certain procedures and/or precautions he needs to take days prior to his surgery?? When she gets to that point her Doctor will go over every thing with her!13! Does he need to quit smoking/drinking while taking medications or before his surgery?? (Will smoking/drinking affect the medications??) Yes she needs to quit! Smoking greatly increases the risk of blood clots and higher risk factors! My Doctor would not prescribe if I smoked! 14! Will therapy last as long as he takes the meds?? Standards of care dictate 1 year minimum! Most go longer due to the different stresses and problems that come up along the way! You should also plan to see her therapist with her at times!15! When is the best time to plan the date for the surgery?? (i!e! during therapy, after therapy) I have seen mine for 5 years and plan to keep seeing her after surgery later this year! Do not even worry about planing it yet!16! Can he make a payment plan with a surgeon?? (Or will the hospital want the money up front??) Most Surgeons require a deposit at the time they give a surgery date with full payment required prior to surgery! Every Doctor makes there own rules!17! How long after the surgery can he partake in sexual intercourse?? Again that will be a very personal decision but my Doctor has told me no sooner then 8 weeks! Most people that have been through it tell me its more like 3 months minimum!You will want to get used to using female pronouns in the future or when she wants it! !!Best of luck to you both

  8. Kari Reply:

    what happens if i do not take estrogen pills after taking out my uterus and cervic What happens if a person take 30 pills of levocetirizine hydrochloride tablets

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