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Why am I feeling sick to my stomach and having hot flashes?

Nausea and feeling hot could be a sign of pregnancy! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Johnsie Reply:

    First let me say that I am fifty years old and have been going through I have had hot flashes at work, in my car, at funerals, in church and of course in the middle of The worst ones can make you feel like a marshmallow in a girl scout camp. How Do I Lose Belly Fat Post Menopause? Feeling Nauseous & Menopause Source:

  2. Lissette Reply:

    I started out with an upset stomach and feeling full all the time, I thought I was In the mean time , my flashes have continued and my internist thinks this . I am past the hot flashes stage – but I do have terrible bloating every day and GAS . When I start to feel sick, I take Licorice (capsule) or AliBiotic (a combo gel capsule ).

  3. Monica Reply:

    NOT MEDICAL ADVICE: You might have the flu! It makes you feel exactly that way. Go see your doctor! Source:

  4. Jeraldine Reply:

    It could be anything from Appendicitis to Food poisoning. Take it easy, and drink plenty of fluids. Source:

  5. Arlyne Reply:

    When I read your title question I immediately remembered my first pregnancy. In other words, sounds like "morning sickness" even though mine was more like "evening sickness." I would break out in a sweat, feel dizzy, weak, like I was going … Source:

  6. Kandice Reply:

    Been feeling really bad with nose stopped up and sick and like i have a temp not eating good and feeling what can cause this in the summer?

  7. Venita Reply:

    Perhaps you need vitamin C tablets and a vitamin D capsule every day to boost your immune system!Perhaps you need more digestive enzymes from more fruit and vegetables to improve your digestion!

  8. Loyce Reply:

    I am having what I can best describe as feelings of anxiety in my chest, almost like an adrenaline rush, right before. Then the hot flash comes in 30 secs to 2 min. Do you know the reason or .. They can make me sick to my stomache or faint.

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