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Why do girls have so much mood swings?

Women have mood swings which are a sign of PMS, stress, and menopause! Birth control can help regulate hormones! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Paulita Reply:

    With just the right touch and a few sweet words, you can have her melting like Guys are often faced with the dilemma of how to get their girl to want to do it as much as they do. It can It is so easy to blame a woman's mood swings on PMS. Source:

  2. Madaline Reply:

    Why do girls whinge so much about their periods? It’s not like it hurts or It’s not just guys that suffer when girls have mood swings. Mood swings are like being

  3. Maricruz Reply:

    For starters,women have set themselves up for the mood swing association thanks to "PMS";medically known as premenstrual syndrome. Source:

  4. Corrin Reply:

    Because they’re slaves to their emotions. They have a regular cycle of hormone imbalances. We treat them like princesses and queens from birth so they grow up with an undeserved sense of entitlement. They are the complex Ying to the simplis… Source:

  5. Fiona Reply:

    menstrual cycle, and emotional distress Source:

  6. Fransisca Reply:

    are daily mood swings a sign of bipolar disoder? how do i deal with to the next? one minute im happy and mood swings from one moment hopeful the next im crying. just now i was

  7. Jesusita Reply:

    hey Jade:Women ask men out, too!Lol you cant be serious! Thats like saying putting on makeup in the morning is a problem for men too!!!! just because !001% of women will approach a man and ask him out doesnt mean its as common a problem as it is for menWomen have to live up to guys ridiculous standards, too!Ridiculous standards?? Mens standards: A woman needs to be hot! Womens Standards: A man needs to be hot, charming, very rich, tall, drives a expensive car, high paying powerful job, dresses well ect! despite her not having ANY of these qualities herselfOnly pretty women can get whatever they want with their bodies! If a woman is overweight and/or ugly, she just gets made fun of behind her back and sometimes to her face!Exactly, only pretty women get whatever they want with their bodies! Of the people who can use their bodies to get whatever they want, 100% of them are women according to you – I agree! If a man is fat he gets made fun of too, and usually the people making fun of / judging overweight people are women!Men do not have to deal with as much drama as women do!Drama is almost ALWAYS started by women, but it doesnt affect men as much as we have learned to ignore a womans BS

  8. Ma Reply:

    As the dose increased so did the amount of his anger. Still having problems forgetting things, but the mood swings were a much bigger problem. .. The therapist she was seeing actually told me that he had rarely seen a girl of her age with

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