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Why do women stop their period when they are older?

He cessation of menstrual cycles at the end of a woman’s reproductive period is termed menopause! The average age of menopause in women is 50 years, with anywhere between 40 and 58 being common! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Janina Reply:

    After menopause, women are no longer fertile and egg production ceases. Older dogs go through a menopause-like phase that signals a decline in fertility. menopause because their heat periods do not always stop completely, they reach Source:

  2. Natashia Reply:

    On average, most girls start their periods when they’re 12 or 13 years old ( although some So, how do you discuss menstruation and offer education, as well as . No, a woman stops having her period usually between the ages of 45 and 51,

  3. Viva Reply:

    Usually it is anytime between 1 and 5 days, though it can be longer. Source:

  4. Carmelina Reply:

    Women stop experiencing periods during pregnancy because the baby is a vampire until it is born. While in the mother, the baby drinks the extra blood to make itself strong. I’m sorry but you are totally wrong unless you are a carnivore!!! B… Source:

  5. Glady Reply:

    The timing of actual menopause is different for each woman. The average age for women to have their last period is about 51. But it’s normal for menopause to occur any time from age 40 to 59. Source:

  6. Luetta Reply:

    I was told only older women bleeding while pregnant? Is this true? I’m 18. The reason I ask is have their period or odd because I’ve been having irregular bleeding this month

  7. Neta Reply:

    Many women experience discomfort on their period! When a woman is on her period, her iron levels in her blood go down! If she were to fast on her period than she could go into shock, get extremley sick, or even die! Death would be a very big factor in a woman who has anemia who attempted to fast! It is not the woman who is unclean during Ramadan or prayer! Rather to my understanding it is the blood that is impure! When we stand before Allah (Subhanna wa taala) in prayer we are to be humble, pure and clean! One cannot stand before Allah (Subhanna wa taala) in dirty clothing or with an impure mind! This would be disrespectful to the Lord of the Worlds! When a Muslim prays, they have to perform Wudu (Ritual abulution before prayer) by washing certain parts of their body, make sure their clothing is clean and make sure the place they pray is clean! Blood does not make a woman clean! Imagine trying to pray and performing bowing, prostrating, sitting, standing and each time you move blood gushes out of your vagina which leaks onto your clothing! For example, when Im on my period I end up dealing with lower back pain, rib pain, fatigue, moodiness, cramping, headaches, bloating! So this is not a punishment on women, rather it is a mercy from Allah (Subhanna wa taala) so the female slaves are not in difficulty!

  8. Taunya Reply:

    How do you stop periods permanently for old women age 50 and above? Women lose their periods because they are past the age where it is safe for their

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