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Would cancer affect your period?

Cancer treatment will cause changes! 1 possible change w/ chemo is changes in your period – irregular or menopausal changes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Arletha Reply:

    Some vaginal bleeding is typical, especially during your period. However Cervical cancer can also cause sores around the affected area. Because of this Source:

  2. Shirl Reply:

    Chemotherapy and Menopause – Cancer and its treatment will undoubtedly chemotherapy or other cancer treatments will affect your menstrual cycle. Some of your menstrual cycles may be non-egg producing, but you can not rely on this.

  3. Angla Reply:

    It is estimated that 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer in a lifetime. So many more are indirectly affected by cancer in that they are the caregivers or family members. Source:

  4. Divina Reply:

    Breast cancer affects women of all ages. This cancer does not discriminate. It can pick any women at any time. Mammograms are very important in the detection of this cancer. Source:

  5. Valeri Reply:

    Cancer is a abnormal cell growth. These abnormal cells start growing rapidly in one part of the body. For growth, ofcourse they require nutrition which they steal from normal cells thus depleting normal cells from their nutrition which is e… Source:

  6. Eleonore Reply:

    If a female has ovarian cancer, cramps like a period without and has lower back pain a period? bloating, blood in the urine, ect like me, why does she get a stabbing pain arou

  7. Delora Reply:

    The HPV vaccine has no effect on periods! You need to check a pregnancy test!

  8. Laura Reply:

    What are the side affects of the cervical cancer jab? There arn't many of them but Can you still have the cervical cancer jab if your on your period? yes you can

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