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Where can I Donate a Testicle for Money

You may have such questions as Where Can I Donate A Testicle and How Much Money Can You Get For Donating A Testicle,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where Can I Donate A Testicle For Money. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to health,too. Read more as following:

No you cannot donate a testicle for money, that would be considered selling a body part which is illegal. You are able to donate sperm to a sperm bank since that is not considered a body part.

Where can I Donate a Testicle?

First let me say then when you donate your testicle there is no compensation it is strictly for medical purposes and a donation would of course indicate there is no financial gain. With that being said you can donate a testicle at many hospitals or m... More »

How much money can you get for donating a testicle?

if you donate it to me ill give you $5... More »

Where can I donate a testicle for money?

Sorry, but you can't sell your testicle. It is illegal to cell body parts for...... More »

How much money is offered to donate a testicle?

There are people and companies willing to pay $70G to $85G for the donation of a testicle.However doctors discourage this donation... More »

How much money will they give out to donate a testicle?

Sorry, there's no way to sell that. The National Organ Tr...... More »

Where can I Donate Plasma for Money?

You need to find a plasma center. Now a days there are more popping up. Try finding a BioLife and if that doesn't work do an internet search for plasma centers in your area.... More »


  1. jessica Reply:

    I got a job but i am transgender and have already iced some spirm so i dont need my tesicals any more

  2. Trendarius lee Reply:

    I want to donate one of my testicle and or body parts for money.
    Call me @(256)600-6446 Mr.lee

  3. michael Reply:

    After reading the comment I see its illegal to sell body parts. So how about I donate my both testicles for free. And sell you this pen I have in my hand for £50,000 do me a receipt for the pen. Sorted

  4. Bruce Reply:

    My wife and I have 9 children and are not wanting any more. I would be willing to give up something that had helped me out to help someone else!

  5. GUY SWEENEY Reply:


  6. you bums amaze me Reply:

    You ppl are so fkn stupid. Get a fkn job, better yet have 5 kids lil me, get a college education and get a fkn career.. Stupid bums really amaze…

  7. harold Reply:

    Already have 3 kids and dont want anymore where do I go about information about selling my testicles

  8. harold Reply:

    Tight with money already have 3 kids dont want anymore. Where to go or get Information about selling my testicles

  9. Jesus Ramirez Reply:

    I will donate both of my testicles but I need the number…The only reason why I want to do this is because I had 2 kids and the third pregnancy she had triplets. So now I have 5 kids and I don’t want no more..

  10. Ryuuhatake Reply:
  11. Lisa R Reply:
  12. Anthony Gray Reply:
  13. Carlos Woodfork Reply:

    friend of mine needs money so he wants to do it any information would be great
    he wants o knowif he can sell his kidney

  14. Sharmain Reply:
  15. Anonymister Reply:
  16. Ruth Juliana Reply:

    If a man does not have testicles could he get someone that doesn’t want them to donate their testicles and give it to them so that they could have children and produce sperm. If heart transplants is possible don’t you think this is too. Is this possible.???????????

  17. Roxy Reply:

    my husband and son are interested in donating one of thier testicles how would they go about doing that. if possible could they sell them

  18. Ryosuke Reply:

    Ok i heard about this so has a million other people. with the answer saying it is illegal to sell human parts in the states.

    so why do women get up to $5000 for a single egg?

    some one with a legitimate answer feel free to enlighten me.

  19. Shemal Reply:

    You tell me…is government still the problem? Guess it’s not since so many corporations depend on it for bailout’s.
    A lot of Republicans voted for the bailout and the Bush administration pushed for it, so obviously the Republicans must think government is part of the answer.

  20. Korn Reply:

    I have chuck norris joke chats all the time i need to know all the good ones and fast

  21. I Ride ’em Ponies Reply:

    I know its weird but I have heard for too long that I can donate one of my testicles for like 10,000 dollars or something. I am healthy as a horse and I was wondering can I donate like a kidney or other things for money?

  22. Bubblybubblaarrr Reply:

    My husband Is wanting to sell a testicle, and we have searched the web up and down. We cant find any info or usefull links and we were wondering if anyone would have any useful info. I’d like to if anyone knows anything about this process.

  23. Rashanna Reply:

    Hi. I Live In Texas. I have 2 kids Im married and just lost my job. we are in a tight situation and i was wondering how much money can i get for donating 1 testicle And where can i go to have it done

  24. Johnny Reply:

    An old friend of mine donated a testicle for 32,000 dollars. I have read other stories on the internet about people donating organs for money. Does anyone know any sites/organizations, or should I call a hospital…?

  25. Anonymous12 Reply:

    I want to donate one of my testicle for money

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