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How do You Smoke Adderall Xr

You may have such questions as Can You Smoke Stems and Can You Smoke Amphetamine Salts,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is Adderall Xr. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Is It Possible to Smoke Adderall,too. Read more as following:

It is not a good idea to smoke Adderall Xr. This is capsule has been said to increase alertness, and cognitive performance. It is recommended to smoke any type of medicine.

Can you smoke stems ?

I throw em away, Stems and seeds are thangs i dont need. Way back in the day ive been there when i didnt have excess of weed. Id save tiny stems and break em up with the herb thankin id get higher. (Way before GC days.) Then ive even tryed smoking ju... More »

Can you smoke d amphetamine salt com xr

No. Amphetamine needs to be converted into its freebase to be smoked. ...MORE...... More »

What is Adderall Xr?

Adderall XR is a prescribed medication that increases alertness, cognitive performance, concentration and staying focused. It is used to treat ADD and ADHD.... More »

How Long does Adderall Xr Last?

Adderall XR is designed to last all day. It is an extended release tablet.... More »

How Long does Adderall Xr Stay in Your System?

Adderall xr usually takes about 5 days to clear out of your system after you have stopped taking it. It can vary from person to person since it depends on your body weight and how much you took.... More »

How do you cook adderall?

from research i've done on different adderall cooking recipes, there aren't really any effective methods. unlike cocaine (which is relatively easy to cook and smoke using tin foil, lighter, baking soda and a straw) adderall has many different chemica... More »


  1. Requiem Reply:

    Also after diagnosis how do you cope. Does anyone use medication if so what advise would you give to someone being advised to take meds for ADHD. Have they helped? which ones? any other appropriate info would be welcomed too. Thanks for your time.

  2. Heelsdowntoesup Reply:

    My doctor switched me from ritalin 10mg quick release to adderall 10mg XR, i took it as prescribed and now im really freaking out. is there anything i can do to counter act the medicine?

  3. Tana Yelverton Reply:

    I am prescribed Adderall for ADD and depression, but my doc said that “it’s speed” and that kind of freaked me out, why am I being prescribed this substance if it is Meth? Meth is scary. There must be some difference in the drugs, I know there is, but what is it?

  4. Hampton Hansen Reply:

    My appetite and weight have decreased and I’m wondering if with continued use (only been on adderall xr a week), my appetite and weight will go back to normal….

  5. Catgirl Reply:

    I take 2mg of lorazepam a day, 200mg of zoloft, adderrall xr 10mg, 200mg of lamictal. Is smoking marijuana dangerous while on all these other drugs? I’m also having trouble sleeping.

    Any advice from others who have been on these meds or a doctor would be geeatly appreciated.

  6. Statia Snyder Reply:

    If a bowl (pipe) was smoked containing marijuana with sprinkled in adderall what would happen?

    Would it make your pupils large or tiny?
    Like how would the person be acting?

  7. Durai Nivedha Reply:

    I am taking Adderall XR 25mg. I don’t smoke marijuana very often. I was just wondering if it is very dangerous incase it came up. Please don’t just tell me that marijuana is bad for me anyways. I want to know if it poses any more of a risk when I am on adderall. thanks

  8. Ejay Reply:

    im currently on 30mg of adderall xr/ day and noticed the effects have started to become less evident. is there any way i can get the amphetamine out of my pills so i can concentrate better?

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