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Where can I Buy Dragon Skin Body Armor

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Dragon skin body armor is issued to military and police forces. These are issued via the government agency. The only place that makes these specialized body armor is the Pinnacle Armor located in California.

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How much does dragon skin body armor cost?

Dragonskin runs about $5000 and up. It is a developmental armor that is not…… More »

What is dragon skin body armor?

Dragon Skin armor is made by Pinnacle Armor, a United States armor manufacturing company based in Fresno, California. The founder of the company, Murray Neal, is an inventor and author in the field of personal ballistic armor. It was Neal’s goal to d… More »

What is the msrp of dragon skin body armor?

MSRP on Dragon Skin Body Armor is $1,819.00 – $3,852.00. Thanks for using …… More »

How much is dragon skin body armor

This was a tough one to find but Dragon skin body armor runs about … …MORE…… More »

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  1. Moengaroa says:

    What body Armour does the US military currently use? and is Dragon Skin the top of the line Body Armour that the army uses?

  2. Tamie Thompson says:

    I am a civilian u s citizen trying to purchase level 3 or higher dragon skin body armor but I am having a hard time finding a dealer. if anyone has any information regarding price dealers and or legal information on the subject I would appreciate it

  3. Veronica says:

    I’ve seen many news stories in the past few years saying that troops have not been issued the best equipment. The best example I can recall is Dragon Skin body armor. Apparently it’s not safe for our troops, even though ballistic performance and the materials used are classified information.

  4. Marjorie Sauer says:

    There own body armor and stuff like this.?

    Say a person bought dragon skin body armor can he bring it over sea’s with him.?

  5. Potato says:

    If someone wanted to buy this armor for a soldier or marine overseas how much would it be?

  6. Schmoe. says:

    I saw it on ebay once, along with a MICH helmet for 500 bucks, suffusive to say, it was gone before I could find my credit card.
    Where do I get me some Dragon Skin for hells sake?

  7. Ordog says:

    The tax cut also made Obama spend to get body armor which increases national debt.

  8. Vanessa Medina says:

    I’ve heard people complaining about not giving soldiers the best armor that money can but, and I’ve heard some say that under the adverse conditions of battlefields render dragon skin’s impenetrable defense unable to stop even a pistol round. Which is true?

  9. Kaylie says:

    i want to know if they use dragon skin armor. if not why don’t they use it, and if you can buy it while on active duty

  10. Maegen says:

    why doesn’t the us military tell us why they don’t want dragon skin and don’t say because of bullet penetration ive seen plenty of videos to prove them wrong if its too much i can under stand that.

  11. Avalon says:

    Just wondering because the Armor keeps passing all the test except the Army’s.

  12. Daveatron says:

    I was thinking of buying some for my son who deploys in February.
    Does anyone know how much it will cost?


  13. Aiden says:

    My mos is 13F, and Ive been wondering, once I finish AIT and get put with my unit, can I buy my own crap and be able to use it in the field? and one more thing, are we required to wear all of the things that the ARMY issues us. What about ACUs???are we allowed to wear other kinds of camo?

  14. Justin Beers says:

    I just saw a story on nbc saying that dragonskin is banned in the US army? is there any eason from this? I’ve heard real good things about this body armor.

  15. Arch Angel says:

    And if that’s true, do some soldiers’ families send the vests to them successfully under the radar? Or would this be too much of a risk?

    Apparently civilians can buy it but soldiers can’t wear it even if they’re given it to them from family/friends…

  16. Taofeek Bamidele says:

    how much does dragon skin body armor cost and where can you buy it.

  17. Erin says:

    Is it banned from the USMC like it is the ARMY? I am wanting to join the USMC when i finish High School, and i wanted to find out if the Marines banned Dragon Skin because it “didn’t perform”. Please no disrespecting the branches of the Military. Thank you very much….

  18. Alvi Galindo says:

    i wanna know if i can, where to buy it and if its illegal then why?

  19. Caitlin says:


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