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Is It Bad to Drink Vinegar

You may have such questions as Is It Safe to Drink Vinegar and What Happens When You Drink Vinegar,or you may also seek several helpful information about Can I Drink Plain Vinegar. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Benefits of Drinking Vinegar,too. Read more as following:

My mother has always sworn by drinking vinegar for various health reasons. It won’t hurt you to drink it, but it definitely does not taste good. You may want to ask your doctor if there is any real benefit to drinking it before you put yourself through this. It certainly won’t hurt you.

Is it safe to drink vinegar?

yea sum people drink it to loose weigh and other people that do drugs drink it to get clean for a drug test. Seriously I thought it was crazy too, nothing is nastier than vinger... More »

What Happens When You Drink Vinegar?

Drinking Methods Many people regularly drink vinegar for health benefits, and others consume it consistently because they enjoy its flavor. Most people do not drink vinegar straight, but they drink it diluted with water or fruit juice. It can also be... More »

Can I Drink Plain Vinegar?

Yes you can drink plain vinegar, in small amounts. Vinegar can actually be very beneficial to your health. You should start with very small amounts such as one tablespoon. Move up to taking that twice a day and then increase to two tablespoons twice... More »

What Happens if You Drink Vinegar?

Actually, when you drink a spoon full of vinegar, it has been know to get rid of heart burn. I have done it before and it really did work.... More »

Can drinking vinegar harm you?

No it can not its actually quiet healthy. It is really good for stomach aches. i tried it once and now i drink it daily. try it! :... More »

Is apple vinegar healthy to drink ?

Organic apple cider vinegar does really work and is very good for you!! As one other poster has already said, it will give your skin a healthy fresh glow owing to its ability to aid in digestion and get everything running smoothly ♥ Go and get yourse... More »


  1. Isabeau Reply:

    I’ve researched about the health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, although i cannot stand the taste without honey, i am still troubled if drinking it with honey all the times (3 times a day with it) would cause diabetes or the like.

  2. Cocomintypaste Reply:

    My mum keeps drinking vinegar, It can’t possibly be good for you.!! What happens?

  3. Destiny Kruse Reply:

    Is it bad for me if I drink straight vinegar?

  4. Jessielynn Smith Reply:

    i do that often because sometimes it has the seeds and i like to slurp it.

  5. Gray Reply:

    My family doesn’t drink a lot so we have some bottles opened for more than is suggested. Apart from old wine not tasting as good as fresh / recently opened wine, what is so bad about drinking old wine? Can you get sick from drinking old wine?

  6. Elyluv Reply:

    I herd if you drink 2 tbsp of hire vinegar before you eat it’ll “suck the fat” out of the food and aid in weight loss. Is this true? Should I do it?

  7. Lou Reply:

    I accidentally swallowed gum and it feels as if it is stuck in my chest my friend said to drink vinegar but i dont really know and i dont want to just wait either can someone please help???

  8. Indiana Jones Reply:

    I’m going to start drinking apple cider vinegar for my bad acid reflux, and I’ve read the most common way of drinking it is with plain water. Are there any other alternatives? Can I drink it with juice, soda, etc?

  9. Rebekah Reply:

    I know this is weird but I really like drinking vinegar. Like almost every kind… I was wondering if it is bad for me… Im a 14 year old girl…

  10. Bonnie Reply:

    I drink it all the time. It’s like a regular meal for me. I haven’t had any problems with it but I just realized that maybe all the acid isn’t good for my organs? I don’t know. Is it ok to drink or is it bad for me?

  11. Lilly Calla Reply:

    I heard if you drink vinegar your stomach will hurt. I just need a feeling in my stomach to where it feels like it’s crampy and on the urge of puking but not puking. Its a long story but what can I do to make myself get bad stomach cramps??

  12. Siamese Fighter Reply:

    Because Candida is a yeast inefction and yet at the same time it is said to be ‘bad bacteria overgrowth’?
    So if I want to get rid of bad bacteria in my body I have to drink vinegar, but on a candida diet you cannot drink vinegar so what am I supposed to do?

  13. Rachel Rowland Reply:

    Mine is seriously bad and I want it to go away! Medicine and cough drops aren’t working, so I wanna know the best drink to heal a sore throat and the worst drink, so I don’t make a mistake. Please and thank you, especially if you’ve been through the experience :)

  14. Alexis Busch Reply:

    I’m trying to cleanse my system of toxins and I was told that by drinking vinegar and lots of water was a good way to do it. Is this true?

  15. Mr.d Reply:

    i drink three bottle caps of red wine vinegar a day plus i eat pickles that obviously contains vinegar. is that good or bad and would anything happen after a period a time in result of drinking vinegar?

  16. Mckenna Reply:

    is it bad to drink expired apple cider vinegar?, and will it work as effectively as if it were new?

  17. Dysch Reply:

    I’ve been drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every night for the last few months to cure some stuff (I heard its the miracle cure for certain things.). Is it bad to drink apple cider vinegar every night? Is it bad to have that much acid in my body?

  18. Moniquev Reply:

    I’ve been drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every night for the last few months to cure some stuff (I heard its the miracle cure for certain things.). Is it bad to drink apple cider vinegar every night? Is it bad to have that much acid in my body?

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