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How to Correct Knock Knees

You may have such questions as How To Correct Knock Knees and How to Fix Knock Knees,or you may also seek several helpful information about Can Knock Knees Be Fixed. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Knock Knee Treatment in Adults,too. Read more as following:

If knock knees are detected early in life it can be corrected. A child can wear braces at night to correct the problem along with orthopedic shoes. There is also surgery if the braces and shoes don’t work.

How to correct knock knees?

1. Determine that the person does in fact have knock knees. Telltale signs, apart from the knee-ankle relationship, are difficulty walking, a strange gait or both. The most qualified person to diagnose the condition is of course a doctor specializing... More »

How to fix knock knee?

you need to refer an orthopedic for that.... More »

Can a chiropractor fix knock knee?

This will depend on many things, most importanatly the cause of the knock knee (genu valgus). If the condition is in a young child, it will probably resolve on its own as the skeletal system matures, but it is advisable to have your chiropractor moni... More »

Why do women appear to be slightly knock-kneed?

Anyone can appear to be slightly knock kneed-_- it's just how some people are born. Maybe you just hang out with a lot of knock kneed ladies that's all. Lol XD... More »

How to cure knock knees?

1. Consult a doctor about treating a mild case. Mild cases of knock knees are usually not treated, as the condition usually corrects itself. 2. Consider treating a diagnosed moderate case---but always in consultation with a doctor. Never attempt to d... More »

How to align knock knees?

1. Seek medical attention from an orthopedist. Any treatment options you can do yourself, including shoe inserts and braces, will not correct knock knees. Physical therapy is also ineffective. If you or your child suffers from severe knock knees, sch... More »


  1. Dude Reply:

    Im wondering because the insides of my knees hurt alot after i play basketbal and i heard knocked kneed braces help out the correct the knees/legs, i play basketball alot and am pretty good and if i want it to be my life i need correct the pain.
    im 14yrs old

  2. Someanimefanowo Reply:

    After seeing a my athletic trainer she informed me that my left knee has lateral tilt meaning my knee cap is shifted outwards.
    What exercises can I do to realign my kneecap to it’s proper position?

  3. Spike_1920 Reply:

    my three year old is a 9 cm knock knees what can i do to make her leg straight?

  4. Monique Reply:

    i have some knock knees im 12 and i wanna get rid of it… can i walk a certain way to separate my knees?

  5. Paulabump Reply:

    I have a really bad case of it. It bothers me a little bit. I really try to avoid wearing anything that show off my knees! Do you think it is a wise decsion to have knee surgery.

  6. Karan Reply:

    I have knocked knee, I wasn’t really bothered about it growing up because nobody took notice. But now in my early 20’s, its so glaring I’m that guy that can’t wear shorts! Can/what exercise corrects knocked knee?

  7. Aditiya Reply:

    I develpoed this as I got older. There is no pain and I still play sports. The only problem is how it looks.

  8. Iga Reply:

    I’ve seen bowed legs and knock knees in teenage girls and young women. I was wondering the health reasons for bow legs later in life for us women.

  9. Joosh Reply:

    in the past 1 1/2 years years i gained a lot of weight like 10 15 KGs an i have developed a case of knock knees. i want to go to the army,help me how do i fix my knock knees (exercises, diet control etc???) i’m 15 years old any help would be useful .

  10. Maha Reply:

    Im 16 and just did some research on my knock knees I dont want to get surgery because it wil mess up my football advice?

  11. Pandaloverz Reply:

    I’m 14 and I have knock knees. Am I too old to get braces to wear at night to correct my knees? Or, do I need to get a surgery to correct them? How long does it take to recover from knock knees surgery? Thanks xx

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