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Can hemorrhoids kill you?

Sometimes the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids make you feel like you would rather die but they are not going to kill you! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nicola Reply:

    several conditions. Chronic sitting can cause the development of piles, and stressed Usage of rubber bands is applied by tying bands around a hemorrhoid to kill the circulation of blood. How to Know if You Have Hemorrhoids. How to Detail:

  2. Susanne Reply:

    Hemorrhoids can eventually kill someone if left untreated and the condition worsens, seeping into the blood stream.

  3. Babara Reply:

    Hemorrhoid banding is the type of treatment that removes problematic hemorrhoids. Although most hemorrhoids can be removed after using creams, ointments and surgical procedures, some can be persistent and may not go away after the appropria… More:

  4. Lisbeth Reply:

    I want to kill myself over and that was over a hemorrhoids? I feel like this is…now this? I read that they would it. I’ve gone through alot of shit go away in a week month a

  5. Jaleesa Reply:

    No idiot designed the human body! However, idiots regularly post in the wrong section!I think youve been thinking about the wrong moon, my friend!!!

  6. Vernon Reply:

    Do you have hemorrhoids? yes, I did have hemorrhoids, I went to surgery, the pain last for a month. If it kills you then what you do? If something threatens to kill

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