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Can wisdom teeth make your throat hurt?

A wisdom tooth can cause an opening where bacteria may enter and cause infection! Pain, swelling and jaw stiffness may result! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Malinda Reply:

    Hydrogen peroxide is an acid, and it can damage the tissues in your mouth if a sore throat or otherwise need to gargle try making your own gargle at home. It may be necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed for a variety of reasons. Detail:

  2. Logan Reply:

    It’s not the throat that is hurting, those are the lymph nodes on your neck. These lumps/lymph nodes indicate swelling in your body which is your wisdom tooth coming.

  3. Cassandra Reply:

    It shouldn’t hurt at all if you are given proper sedation before the procedure. The area will be sore during the initial recovery period, however, and you will want to take pain relievers for the first day at least. More:

  4. Dorris Reply:

    A few days More:

  5. Amee Reply:

    It depends if ur teeth are sencible if they are about 1 month if they are notabout 1 week More:

  6. Dong Reply:

    Tongue and throat hurt after wisdom removed 5 days ago today teeth extraction? I got my wisdom teeth everythings healing well, seems like its been doing normal, some soreness

  7. Georgette Reply:

    This is normal! You shouldnt worry! Although you should get it pulled as soon as it comes in completely or now since its bohering you that much! If its not in completely the dentist will have to cut through your gums to pull it, but you will eventually fell much better! I am in the process of getting all four of mine pulled! My face hurts lie crazy! And when the stared growing in, had ear aches and my throat was sore!

  8. Dwana Reply:

    Yes, but only if you aren't cleaning it properly. The reason for the sore throat, ( especially after sleeping) is because the bacteria that latches onto the retainer

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