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Do warts hurt?

Warts can be painful but not always! It depends on the location and type of wart that it is! If you have concerns, see your doctor Any Suggestions here?


  1. Madlyn Reply:

    It is believed that plantar warts can attack blood vessels deep in the skin. These warts can hurt. Don't wear someone else's shoes. This is a good way to avoid Detail:

  2. Cristal Reply:

    Once they have been frozen it will hurt for the next 3 or less days and then it will just be rock solid :(

  3. Waltraud Reply:

    Infection typically occurs from moist walking surfaces such as showers or swimming pools. The virus can survive many months without a host, making it highly contagious. More:

  4. Kizzie Reply:

    1-4 days More:

  5. Soila Reply:

    Most warts don’t hurt. But a wart can be annoying if it’s on a part of your body that gets bumped or touched all the time. More:

  6. Marisa Reply:

    i have alot of planter warts that hurt really bad)= What is the best thing to do for the planter warts?

  7. Desirae Reply:

    it might be a corn! that,s a deep callus like growth at a pressure point! have a foot doc check it out! they can be debilitating!

  8. Reginia Reply:

    Some Plantar warts hurt to get them removed. It all depends on how big they are .It only hurts the first time because the first treetment killed the nerves in it :)

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