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How can you make swelling from your eyes go down?

Place thin slices of cucumbers or potatoes over your closed eyes! Relax, lie down and allow them to sit there for several minutes, up to 15 minutes! These compresses will help to relieve the pain as well as the puffiness from your eyes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aubrey Reply:

    How to Make Swelling Go Down. bags and cannot get to a store to buy a cold compress, you might have remedies in your freezer. Relief for Swollen Eyes Detail:

  2. America Reply:

    Sounds like you have an allergy to the product. I’d follow the other’s advice of placing cucumbers on your eyes, but would also take Benedryl to help with the allergic reaction.

  3. Sherlyn Reply:

    To make swelling go down, take aspirin only up to the recommended amount though. This will work internally so it is probably the fastest way. More:

  4. Vivienne Reply:

    Maybe your face is swollen from some dental work or an injury? You can apply some ice or a cold pack to the swollen area for twenty minutes at a time to help reduce the swelling. Ibuprofen can help as well. More:

  5. Ute Reply:

    To make swelling go down place a cold compress on the effected area for 30 minutes. Remove compress, wait for 30 minutes and repeat. After the cold compress, apply a warm compress for 30 minutes on, then 30 minutes off for 48 hours. Don’t f… More:

  6. Naida Reply:

    How do I make the swelling, fast? I was crying all night on my eyes go down, and now they’re all poufy. But I need it to go away!

  7. Krysten Reply:

    Oh I hate that, I get that too when I cry really hard! I usually just put my face in a bowl of cold cold water! You can also put wet camomile tea bags on your eyes! Also massage your face, wash you face and put some lotion on it and massage around your eyes starting at the outside corner and push the swelling towards your inner eye (next to your nose) and then up towards your eyebrow and across to the outer eye again!! that sounds confusing !!basically you are making circles around your eyes but anticlockwise so u go from outer eye to inner (under the eye) and rub up under your brow bone and across to outer eye!! this will get rid of the lymph fluid from the eye area! I havent tried this myself yet but I know this is what you do if your eyes are swollen from sleeping! You should also (if youve got time) go for a run or work out (the more jumping around and moving of the arms and legs the better) because this will get everything (all the fluids ) in your body working faster and will get rid of the build up of fluid around your eyes much quicker (thats what the swelling is)!

  8. Carolee Reply:

    How do you make the swellings by your eye go down? Put some ice cubes in a ziplock bag. cover the bag with a damp face towel and apply to the eye.

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