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How can you tell if your lungs are bruised?

You will usually be in excessive pain if suffering from pulmonary contusion (bruised lungs)! Direct force: Your ribs pushed into lungs (usually in car crashes) or Expanding gases: Forces from a blunt trauma increase pressure inside lungs! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Chana Reply:

    There are a couple of ways you can bruise or crack your ribs. Because you use your chest cavity to breathe and your lungs are always in motion, the pain is Oregon State University reports that if you know you have a cracked rib and have Detail:

  2. Bobette Reply:

    A pulmonary contusion is bruising of your lung tissue that may cause pain and . Tell your caregiver if your nose gets dry or if the mask or prongs bother you.

  3. Bailey Reply:

    A bruised lung, diaphragm, or pleura may take two to four weeks to heal, if there is no subsequent re-injury. Breathing difficulties may persist, however, for up to six months in some injuries. More:

  4. Michiko Reply:

    Bruising a tailbone is painful, and for those who have never experienced it, it can be confusing to diagnose. In order to properly diagnose a bruised tailbone without waiting for the bruise itself to occur, you need to be aware of the sympt… More:

  5. Paula Reply:

    Treating bruised lungs, or pulmonary contusions, is a delicate and time-consuming project that requires attentive medical care and various treatment methods. Pulmonary contusions are very painful and may require special breathing devices du… More:

  6. Elaina Reply:

    Little dog – mini dauchan got stepped on and has fluid on lungs and a bruised lung – will this puppy be all right – being given oxygen now.

  7. Leola Reply:

    Sounds like youve bruised your ribs! If you broke them, then pain is really bad! My husband, who has osteoporosis, has broken a rib from coughing and he said that the pain was horrible! Its true, the doctors cant do much for a broken or bruised rib, then may prescribe a stronger pain killer! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Dung Reply:

    How do you know if you bruised your spline in a fall? spine? or spleen? Treatment for bruised lung? If you have had sufficient trauma to suffer a bruised lung you

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