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How do you know if you pulled a hamstring?

You may have pain, swelling, and bruising in the hamstring muscle area! You may feel a pop or tear and have trouble bending knee! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gertrudis Reply:

    How to Tell If You Have a Pulled Hamstring. There are times when you'll pull your hamstring muscle and will have no doubt about the injury. You will feel a surge Detail:

  2. Salena Reply:

    It kind of feels like a bruise, when you touch one (without the discoloration of one). Alternate heat and cold every 15-20 minutes with a 15-20 minute break in between. Or you could get a muscle pain cream (Ben-gay or IceyHot-I recommend Ti

  3. Hildred Reply:

    Those who run on a daily basis are devoted to their sport. Running gets in your blood and many runners make sure they get their miles in, even in very poor weather conditions. But injuries are a different matter. If a runner pulls or injure… More:

  4. Jong Reply:

    Rest is the most important treatment for a hamstring. Elevate your leg and keep ice on it for no more than 20 minutes. Wrap your leg with an ace bandage and gently massage it to make sure it stays loose. For more information see here: http:… More:

  5. Bobette Reply:

    To heal a pulled hamstring you will need to give it a rest. Take it easy for about a week and try to minimize the movement and use of that particular hamstring. More:

  6. Kary Reply:

    I pulled my hamstring 2 weeks that I could start jogging ago and i pulled it it now? I thought I was recovered again today. How long should i rest enough from the first injury

  7. Paige Reply:

    Maybe you should go see a physio??But no, from what youve said it doesnt sound too bad, just a bad strain! It could go on for weeks being sore, just be careful to stretch it up being playing cricket again! Dont run too hard, maybe field in slips?? And dont push too hard for those quick singles!I would recommend seeing a physio therapist, otherwise you should be find if you rest it up for a week or two!

  8. Kortney Reply:

    How do you know if you have a pulled hamstring? You will be able to feel a tightness in the area that you pulled the muscle.And it will be sore. How do you know

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