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How do you know if your appendix burst?

The most common sign of a burst appendix will be an intense sharp pain in your lower right side,fever,nausea,and diarrhea! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kia Reply:

    The appendix is a small organ that has no known value to the human body. A burst appendix is extremely dangerous if left untreated. to the McBurney point, an area between the bellybutton and where your hip protrudes on the right side. Detail:

  2. Melania Reply:

    A high fever and severe and debilitating abdominal pain are signs of a bust appendix. If you fear yours or your child’s appendix has burst, seek emergency medical treatment immediately so your body does not become septic.

  3. Patrica Reply:

    Food can sometimes get trapped inside it, it goes rotten and gases begin to build up and cannot escape. Eventually the pressure gets too much and the appendix pops. Note: There are comments associated with this question. See the discussion … More:

  4. Irish Reply:

    When the appendix bursts, it can cause some serious complications like peritonitis and the formation of an abscess. Because of the rupture, bacteria can enter the abdomen. If not treated in time, it can even lead to death. To find more info… More:

  5. Tonette Reply:

    If your appendix bursts it spills fluid and bacteria into the abdominal cavity. This can cause you to become very sick. It is best to get your appendix out before it has a chance to burst. More:

  6. Deloise Reply:

    Burst appendix (perforated appendix)!? This is just one of my weird thoughts but can age? Is there a age that your appendix burst at any you are more prone to get a perforated

  7. Natosha Reply:

    First of all, if you have any indication that your appendix burst, there is no way, and there should be no reason to try and make the pain go away! Dont take aspirin, dont do anything but go to the doctor! Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix and if left untreated could be fatal!Now usually there is only one sign of a ruptured appendix, a sharp or gradual severe pain in the abdomen! In most cases the pain will cause near immobility – in which you will have a lot of trouble moving around! Some people have higher thresholds of pain, so if you notice a consistent pain in your side that stays longer than a cramp would, you should probably have it checked out!Good news though! The appendix has no known function to the body, so a surgeon can pop it right out of you, and since around 1 in 15 people get appendicitis, its a pretty common procedure!

  8. Cruz Reply:

    Relevant answers: How do you know if your appendix is going to burst? As a patient you cannot know if the Appendix is burst. Appendix usually bursts if there is

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