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How do you know if your bloating?

The most common bloating symptoms include pain in the abdominal cavity, chest pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, & bloody or darkened stools! Others include difficulty swallowing or burping, abdominal fullness or indigestion, & excessive gas! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Deanna Reply:

    How to Tell if Your Abdominal Bloating is Normal. Quite often some bloating is normal. For guys, it is usually a sign of constipation or over-indulging. For the Detail:

  2. Ora Reply:

    Here’s How To Tell If You’re Bloated or Fat. It’s not easy to tell if you are bloated or fat. Often the answer is not one or the other; it’s both. But, there are clues to

  3. Barb Reply:

    Constipation causes stomach bloating. Try taking some Milk of Magnesia to resolve this issue. You don’t want it to be true when your friends say you are full of it. Look here for more information:… More:

  4. Sparkle Reply:

    Certain foods will cause gas and bloating. There is also different types of gas relieving medication to help fix that problem. If you know you will be eating gassy foods try Beano before and there will be no gas. More:

  5. Becky Reply:

    Bloating is when the abdomen swells past its normal size. The abdomen is usually full of gas or fluid. It causes a person to feel as though their abdomen is tight and full. Try bending over in some tight jeans with a bloated belly! More:

  6. Shawna Reply:

    Is bloating a symptom of pregnancy a week before expecting period early? i fell pregnant with my, has anyone had bloating this son straight after coming off the pill. it has b

  7. Pinkie Reply:

    My kids are 4 years (girl) and 15 months (boy) and Im still bloated! Ha ha! With my first, I remember the bloating going away around 10 weeks and with my second, I was always bloated and had indigestion and heartburn 24/7! I guess thats a boy for you! Congrats! I did notice that the more water I drank, the better my bloating was and gingerale helped me tons!

  8. Susanna Reply:

    There are also women who will have bloating prior to a period. I did: poke your breasts so often to check for tenderness that you can't decide if you caused the

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