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If the lower left side of my stomach hurts, what could it be?

Lower left abdominal pain can be several things! Constipation, Urinary Tract Infection or Colitis! Call doctor if it gets worse! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tia Reply:

    It can experience aches and pains in all sorts of areas, leading sufferers to imagine the worst. If you are having unexplained lower left-side pelvic pain, it may help to know what some of the Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health AbdoPain: Lower Left Abdominal Pain, Common Causes In Both Sexes · The Mayo Detail:

  2. Darlena Reply:

    its a lever problem it could be serious if not be treated well by a good doctor , plzz get a Doc. on it Source(s): u need doctor

  3. Andrew Reply:

    Take some Mylanta or Peptobismal or something. If it still hurts in the morning, go see a doctor. More:

  4. Remedios Reply:

    Ectopic pregnancy, Appendicitis, Diverticulitis and Pelvic inflammatory disease can all cause the lower left abdomen pain. More:

  5. Giuseppina Reply:

    No member of this site can diagnose illness or conditions of a complete stranger. Nor should we. Advice at best can only be general and at worst may be detrimental. If you are concerned about any such a problem then you should see a doctor. More:

  6. Diana Reply:

    Lower side of stomach hurts on left side when i cough shooting pain in my left leg

  7. Myriam Reply:

    Left side is hurt when theres still more food in your stomach!If you are hungry, you can feel it to the right side!

  8. Echo Reply:

    Goodluck. What if your front left lower side hurts? see your doctor. Why does your left side of your stomach hurt? your left side.. is where your intestines are. if it

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