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Is it normal to have pains in your stomach when you’re pregnant?

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  1. Megan Reply:

    I’ve been having sharp pain on my right side during sex, could I be pregnant?

  2. Johnsie Reply:

    If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms you may be pregnant. Does the smell of something you normally enjoy turn your stomach (i.e., frying meat Lots of girls have period symptoms such as stomach pains (cramps) and pimples, feel Detail:

  3. Rikki Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Cramping is a common symptom during pregnancy, especially while having a bowel movement.

  4. Consuela Reply:

    You could have a serious issue if it is a sharp lower stomach pain. You could be suffering from preeclampsia, UTI, ectopic MORE More:'re-pregnant

  5. Brett Reply:

    Yes when you are pregnant you may feel stomach pains. This is normal, however if you are concerned please call your doctor. More:'re-pregnant-do-you-have-stomach-pains

  6. Lieselotte Reply:

    No it isn’t normal and you should seek medical help. More:

  7. Jaquelyn Reply:

    im 9 weeks pregnant and having and i have been having these real bad tummy pain stomach pains is this normal old who is 9 weeks?? ? well im a 18 year pregnant is my first time

  8. Vivian Reply:

    yes to all! Get used to the peeing – im 38!5 weeks pregnant and have woken at least 4 times a night EVERY night since the beginning! The aches in the legs can be one of 2 things – Restless leg syndrome or leg cramps – both common! The pains in tummy is probably round ligament pain, which is extremely common throughout pregnancy, although i noticed it more at the beginning!All common pregnancy ailments! just wait till u get further along!! Oh the joys of baby making! good luck sweetheart

  9. Yanira Reply:

    Is it normal to have pain in both sides of your stomach when you are 4 months pregnant? Improve. In: Pregnancy Symptoms categories]

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