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Is methadone an opiate blocker?

Yes, Methadone works on parts of the brain and spinal cord to block the "high" caused by using opiates! Thanks for asking Claus! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. markus Reply:

    METHADONE is an opiate blocker i repeat it is a blocker. If you are still able to get high while you are on a methadone maintenane program it is because you are on too low of a dosage. i.e…….what the person said above was he/she is on 30mg of methadone and still getting high by using heroin.This is because this patient was or is on a very low dosage. I concur with this patient because i was getting high on 30mgs as well. I am here to set everyone straight (hope i dont offend anyone by sounding rude or self righteous). the truth is I have been on a methadone program for several years. then detoxed off the program for a few years and back on the program again. Once you get to about 75mgs of methadone per day then you will no longer be able to get high off of opiate. now give or take 20mgs depending on the person and their body weight. If you are on a methadone program for the right reasons this means you are seeking help for your addiction. if you relapse and continur to use opiates while on methadone and you are still able to get high then you must increase your dosage. i have found through trial and error over many years and relapses while on methadone that once you get to a high enough daily dosage then you will no longer be able to get high off of opiates. My life is much better now. Yes methadone is my vice. But i am saving hundreds of dollars a week but not buying and hustling for heroin. I have been able to gain custody of my child and my family has forgiven me for years of lies and stealing. I pay my own bills and finally am back living on my own supporting myself 100% thanks to methadone and better choices. So it does work. In order for you reading this now to have a fighting chance like me if you want this to work for you then you must get yourself on a high enough dosage to where relapse on loritabs, heroin etc won’t matter. why because the methadone will block it. Ask any DR. methadone is an Opioid. it is an opiate blocker. once you have been on a set dosage for example 85 mgs per day for 90 days, then you wont even feel the semi high methadone gives you in the beginning stages of taking it. you get use to your dosage and feel normal. remember you need to have a high enough dosage to let the opiate blocker take effect which is around 75mgs. but not too high so that you are nodding off and taking naps all day. the dosage should last you all day so that when you wake the next morning you still feel normal. good luck and best wishes to all. Deuces and peace out

  2. Robbie Reply:

    Detoxification from an opiate addiction is a long, painful and serious process. the treatment of opiate addiction, these include the opiate blockers methadone, Detail:

  3. Michelina Reply:

    Ive been taking methadone for 6 months on a mantinance dose of 30ml,and when I have used other opiates(heroin) I still get the high you are suppost to.So no it isnt a blocker.Subutex and Naktrezone are.

  4. Kerrie Reply:

    methadone More:

  5. Joella Reply:

    Suboxone is a drug used mostly in the treatment of opiate addiction. Suboxone is the combination of two other drugs (naloxone and buprenorphine) to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of opiate addiction and to block the effects of any opiates u… More:

  6. Kori Reply:

    Methadone is the opiate blocker, thats why people are on methadone unless used for pain management More:

  7. Maile Reply:

    Methadone.ANY APPROPRIATE INFO NEEDED.For how long is Methadone used addiction? Hi, i have just started on to detox from opiate drug a methadone programme for Opiate drug addi

  8. Katrice Reply:

    Nope both are opiates!Methadone is synthetic morphine developed during WWII when opium was in short supply! Methadone is slow starting and long lasting while percocet is fast acting and short lasting! Often both are prescribed to the same individual for chronic pain management! Methadone is the primary and percocet for breakthrough pain!

  9. Jewell Reply:

    Methadone does not any opiate blockers at all. However, Suboxones do use opiate blockers so there is no use even attempting any kind of opiate. It will be a

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