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What causes heaviness in the heart?

Heaviness in the chest or chest pain can be due to several reasons! Cardiac reasons for chest pain include blockages, angina, artery spasms or heart attack, inflammation of the heart, rupture of the valves or infections of the pericardium! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Annita Reply:

    Feelings of heaviness or pain in the leg can have any of a number of causes. keeping them from transporting fluids back to the heart; it is characterized by a Detail:

  2. William Reply:

    Jul 21, 2008 Chest pain or heaviness of heart while breathing, Reasons and other types of chest pain, heartburn chest pain: Why does my chest feel heavy

  3. Sherie Reply:

    Well, there a number of causes of heart palpitations. Some of these include anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks, thyroid problems, heart diseases, certain medicines etc. More:

  4. Beatrice Reply:

    Rainy days makes it very wet. Some days are wetter than others. This is because. heavy rain is caused by big, dark cumulus clouds forming together. More:

  5. Ira Reply:

    Heavy periods can be caused by fibroid tumors or an early miscarriage. Some women naturally have heavy periods without a cause or reason. More:

  6. Megan Reply:

    Occasional pain/heaviness on upper left arm AND heart? I’ve had stressful even about a little more year ago. That’s when this strange and subtle pain/heaviness began on my up

  7. Dixie Reply:

    While stress, anxiety and pressure from all your activities might be the cause of what you are feeling, a heart condition should also be ruled out since as you said youre not that health conscious when it comes to your diet and exercise! Get a physical exam so your heart can be evaluated by your doctor! At 22, the likelihood that you may have a heart ailment though remote should at least be investigated! An EKG must be performed for starters! Depending on how tall you are, 175-185 lbs maybe in the obese side!

  8. Birgit Reply:

    What could cause pain around shoulder blade lower neck and heaviness on left side of arm tingling down to the fingers and occassional pains through the heart

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