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What could it mean if your legs hurt for several days?

If your legs have hurt for several days, you may just be contributing leg pain as normal aging or just being out of shape MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Milda Reply:

    Do you remember your childhood days, when leg aches might have seemed Unless medicated, a typical leg ache can last for hours and often must be Many people have occasional leg aches which are often caused by strain or over use. Detail:

  2. Margie Reply:

    When walking makes your legs hurt If you’re sitting for long periods, pointing your toes up and down several times can flex the vein-pumping leg muscles.

  3. Dedra Reply:

    that is a symptom that should be taken to the medic as soon as posible. One main cause can be circulation problems. Be sure go to the doctor at once. More:

  4. Shelly Reply:

    IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Answer There is actually no such thing as IBS (my gastrologist confirmed this) and it’s basically saying ‘We don’t really know why your bowel is inflammed.’ There are parasites and there is a bacteria called ‘… More:

  5. Kindra Reply:

    Answer I can think of a couple reasons and I’m sure doctors can come up with even more. Since you didn’t go into detail of the feeling it could be Gout. Gout causes very severe pain and inflamation. Even cloths touching the skin around an i… More:

  6. Malisa Reply:

    two days ago i was practicing this dance down but i at my friends house and keep dancing anyway? we danced for hours and my legs hurt should i i really need to get don’t know

  7. Sharron Reply:

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  8. Cassie Reply:

    The best that can be When you walk on your legs and your knee cap hurt what that means? It means nothing it just means that your knees are tired or are

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