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What do cysts feel like?

It feels like an abnormal lump, sometimes painful! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lanora Reply:

    What Does A Nabothian Cyst Look Like?. The cervix is a part of every woman's anatomy. Located at the top of the vagina and the bottom of the uterus, it is Detail:

  2. Mitchell Reply:

    It feels like an abnormal lump, sometimes painful.

  3. Eliana Reply:

    Very, very painful. There is sometimes swelling of the lower abdomen. Some people feel very sick, and some physically throw up. A burst cyst is sometimes accompanied with discharge from the vagina. It can cause fever/flu like symptoms such … More:

  4. Raina Reply:

    Breast cysts can feel soft and squishy, very much like what a water balloon would feel like. This is because cysts are fluid filled sacs that can move around and grow over time. More:

  5. Delora Reply:

    A cyst can feel like a very huge zit that is filled with fluid. It can be painful until the pressure is released. There are cysts on the inside of our bodies and it can just feel like pressure. A doctor will usually have to lance the cyst o… More:

  6. Winifred Reply:

    why do cysts make you feel have another follicular cyst. This is my second month nausiated? Im not sure, but I think I might of clomid. I have had a cyst before, without medic

  7. Haley Reply:

    i have an ovarian cyst and the pain ranges from a dull achy pain tosharp pain in the pelvic area at random times! their very veryy painfuland seem to hurt more when you have your period! talk to your momabout getting a dr appt to check it out! when i went they just sent me for an ultrasound and then they found a cyst! then i was sent to the gyn who then prescribed birth control to dissolve the cyst and hopefully the pain that comes along with it!im in the process of trying to dissolve it now!!!so no results to inform you on yet! hope i helped!

  8. Shonta Reply:

    What does a girl's breast feel like? Almost heaven What does a burst cyst feel like? Very, very painful. There is sometimes swelling of the lower abdomen.

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