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What does a tumor feel like?

A tumor that presses on your bones or grows into your bones can cause deep, aching pain! A tumor that presses on a nerve !!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Chang Reply:

    What Do Mast Cell Tumors Look Like?. Mast cell tumors typically appear on the skin and are a result of an abnormality in the body's mast cells. Mast cell tumors Detail:

  2. Vanetta Reply:

    Generally, a tumor is undetected. If it is near the surface of the skin, you will feel a bump that can move when pressed or pushed. If you feel any unusual bumps or growths, visit your Doctor. You can find more information here: http://heal

  3. Cassaundra Reply:

    What do brain tumor headaches feel like? Since one of the most important organs in our body resides in the head, any pain associated with the head alarms people. Although cancer and growths of this region are uncommon, it is important to un… More:

  4. Ariane Reply:

    Some people that have brain tumors never have headaches as a symptom. Other people, with brain tumors, describe the headaches to be similar to the symptoms of a tension headache. More:

  5. Marci Reply:

    Depending on where the tumor is, will determine what it feels like. Some tumors are soft to the touch while others are hard as rocks. I had a medium sized tumor in my breast, it was as hard as a rock, i thought that it was cancer. I went to… More:

  6. Maurine Reply:

    What does a brain tumor feel like? i’m always paranoid about getting cancer we watched a video wear and stuff. and last week at school a girl my age kept getting headaches and

  7. Desirae Reply:

    If you think you might have one, go see a doctor!

  8. Diann Reply:

    A tumor is harder than its surrounding area, due to the rapid growth of cells. A breast tumor (usually pea-sized) may feel like a peanut. It is easy to get a tumor

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