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What does it mean if you have a headache behind your eyebrow?

A headache located behind an eyebrow can be a sign of a sinus headache! A pain reliever such as ibuprofen or aspirin can work to help alleviate the pain, though if this continues for more than a week you may want to visit a doctor! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Stephanie Reply:

    I get these too. I get them multiple times a day and they last anywhere from a few seconds to a hour. They’re right on my eyebrows and I rub them which seems to help. Usually it is my left eye but it will also switch to the right. This has been lasting for a good year. Could it be due to visionary circumstances or is it a sign of something worse? Can anybody share what their doctors said to them on how to treat them and what they are? Thank you.

  2. Carroll Reply:

    Find relief from sinus headaches and allergy symptoms by stimulating the area on top of If you feel you may suffer from food allergies, consult with your physician. There may be a light pressure on your cheeks, forehead or brow. If you have ever had a pounding headache and it feels like your eyeball is about to come Detail:

  3. Zelma Reply:

    Hey,i wonder if anyone else gets a pain behind one eye. The pain is intense, and it does seem to help when I press on my eye/eyebrow. I’d love to know if you have come across any info about your eye headaches! .. I guess this means that "left eye" from TLC who ended dying in a weird car crash

  4. Samuel Reply:

    A sinus headache, there are four pairs of sinus cavities in the facial part of the skull, the frontal ones located above the eyes. More:

  5. Lilia Reply:

    Usually, that is a sebaceous cyst… Not normally associated with headaches. Google "sebaceous cyst"… More:

  6. Chieko Reply:

    It could be allergies, but a top reason for headaches is dehydration . You need to drink water, every day, not just junky soda. More:

  7. Kimbery Reply:

    Frontal Headache above my eyebrow? Sinus’? I’m 19 and suffer from bad year round allergies (dust, cat and hayfever), i do take antihistamines but i can’t take them everyday co

  8. Jannet Reply:

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  9. Janis Reply:

    What could be causing your shooting pain headache on the right side? minutes after going to sleep, you could be talking about cluster headaches. Use that term to search using What does it mean if you have chest pains and a headache?

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