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What does it mean if your eyes hurt?

Some possible causes of eye pain are: trachoma, nasal congestion, sinusitis, eye infection, eye injury, eye inflammation!!! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Valery Reply:

    It would be so nice if guys were as easy to read as plucking petals off a daisy. Searching for a Do you catch his eye every time you glance at him? If he is Try not to act outwardly hurt if his feelings are not the same as yours; after all, you asked him. This is a What does this mean? what am I ment to do next? Please Detail:

  2. Stevie Reply:

    sinus infection-?? Under the eye is where some of your sinuses are. tap your forehead, under your eyes and see if it hurts. check the size of the

  3. John Reply:

    You may find your eyes hurting, if your not getting enough sleep at night, or starring to long at things. There could be a variety of reasons why your eyes hurt. The sun causes people to squink, go see your eye doctor if it continues. More:

  4. Torrie Reply:

    There are many different causes on why your eyes hurt. Corneal abrasions and infections is one of them. A sty can also be the cause, as well as conjunctivitis which are also known as pink eye. For more information, look here: http://www.web… More:

  5. Oma Reply:

    Why your eye hurts really depends on a lot of things. Did you injure it in some way? Have you got something in it? Do you have allergies? Those all need to be taken into consideration to answer. More:

  6. Luvenia Reply:

    My eyes hurt(seems coming from behind my eyes of blinking and headache? I just cant explain exactly).Eyes hurt and makes a lot. but this is what is happening – My eyes hurt a

  7. Yael Reply:

    Although Im 36 now, Ive been wearing glasses ever since I was 5 years old! My eyes started to get a tad sore and irritated after wearing them for long periods when I was in my 20s up until now! Im guessing that once we reach a certain age, our visually impaired eyes cant deal with the strain of having them corrected with glasses all day or 24/7! Maybe our eyes which is a part of our body is trying to tell us something! Maybe their telling us to try to adapt better in life without glasses all the time! I certainly try to in my daily routines! (I use them mostly for reading and using my laptop at home)

  8. Kia Reply:

    What does it mean when your eyes hurt and they are sensitive to light? Improve. In: Human Anatomy, Diabetic Retinopathy categories]

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