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What does it mean if your ovaries hurt?

No! Having pain in your ovaries could be caused by a cyst, ovulation or even irritable bowel syndrome! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Anette Reply:

    When a woman ovulates, an egg is released by a mature ovarian follicle. progesterone levels will continue to rise, which means that your breast soreness will get worse. Breast soreness, aside from a pregnancy, can and does happen during ovulation for some women. Do Nipples Hurt When Breasts Are Growing ? Detail:

  2. Ashlea Reply:

    You could have a vitamin K deficiency. Try changing your diet to include more vitamin K rich foods.

  3. Inga Reply:

    It is not uncommon for woman to feel discomfort in theor ovaries. Most woman complain of ovarian pain while they are ovulation or during their period. If the pain persists outside these times you should seek a physician. More:

  4. Jolene Reply:

    It is very common for women to feel pain on their ovaries. Some woman feel discomfort while ovulating or during their menstral cycle. If pain persists you should seek a physician. More:

  5. Billy Reply:

    There are various medical conditions that can make your ovaries hurt, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian cysts. Your ovaries can also hurt during ovulation. Seek medical attention if pain persists. More:

  6. Francina Reply:

    do your ovaries and muscles around your ovaries hurt when your pregnant?

  7. Jadwiga Reply:

    Abdominal/pelvic pain that is similar to that of period cramping may indicate a problem in a reproductive organ (like the pain around your ovaries or uterus)! This includes conditions such as endometriosis (when tissue from the uterus is displaced to somewhere else like the pelvic wall or ovaries), uterine fibroids (thick bands of muscular and fibrous tissue in the uterus), ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer (rare), or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) infection of the reproductive organs, usually from a sexually transmitted disease!If you have pain in your ovary area, you might have an ovarian cyst! I have experienced that same type of pain whenever I have had an ovarian cyst! I was also diagnosed with endometriosis last year which caused me severe pelvic pain and intense and painful period cramping!Based on your symptoms and what you wrote, I would recommend that you should see your doctor/gynaecologist, just to rule out any serious causes!Good luck :)

  8. Ailene Reply:

    Answer. If you feel pain at mid-cycle, which means roughly two weeks after you start your period, then you could be experiencing middle-shmertz. This is a

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