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What does it mean to have a pimple like bump in your mouth?

You probably have a Canker sore! Though painful, they usually go away within a week or two! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alita Reply:

    If you have bumps on both sides of your tongue, it's probably nothing to worry about. If your taste buds gets irritated or inflamed, a painful bump, or papillae, can form on your tongue. When it shows up in the mouth, it can appear as curd- like patches on the tongue and also on the What Does a White Tongue Indicate ? Detail:

  2. Maura Reply:

    Try to pop one like a pimple and see what happens. to genital, and even mouth to mouth, especially if you have any cuts in your mouth or bleeding gums), you

  3. Cathie Reply:

    If they are the painful type that go away in about a week or less, and are located on your tongue or inner lip, I am pretty sure they are called canker sores. More:

  4. Yong Reply:

    there little pus- bump on the penis More:

  5. Kenneth Reply:

    Depends on the individual, if it is a long term thing from a young age until now, it may be hereditary or dependant on ethnic origin. for example I know that alot of indian/asian people have this. or it may be because you shave or wax your … More:

  6. Zula Reply:

    pimple-like bump on the roof of my mouth? I just recently finished eating this is the first time some chili cheese fries and it’s happened. I thought some part of the food was

  7. Bridget Reply:

    Vaginal bumps, can mean lots of things, not necessarily just herpes! If you are a virgin then there is a very VERY slim chance that you have herpes! They might be Sebaceous cysts, on your vagina! These are bumps under the surface of the skin, and often the result of swollen hair follicles! Redness, tenderness and a pus-like substance draining from the boil are symptoms of sebaceous cysts! The occurrence of pimples could also be hormone related and could escalate around menstruation! Placing a hot, moist towel on the affected area will soothe the skin by reducing the inflammation and irritation! Sitting in a tub of hot water to which salt has been added eases the discomfort and reduces the infection! The water should be as hot as you can bear! This thoroughly cleanses the vagina and kills the germs responsible for the infection! It also rids the area of excess moisture and dead cells! Adding potassium permanganate to the water prevents urinary tract infections and sterilizes the vagina thoroughly! A paste of flax seeds and water, applied to the affected area, helps to draw out the pus and reduces the pain and inflammation! But really only a doctor can see the infected area, which is why i believe that you should go to one soon and ask him! That would be your best bet! Feel better! 3

  8. Haydee Reply:

    May 16, 2005 if your having tooth pain it could be an abcess, an abcess is an The symthoms are getting worse I think, slowly, now it throbs like, kind of hurts, and other symthoms. I have a bump on the left side of the roof of my mouth.

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