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What does it mean when you sweat and your cold at the same time?

You could have the flu or some other illness that is causing you to sweat but still have the chills! Anytime! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Layla Reply:

    If you are looking at a recipe that calls for you sweat onions, you may think you discovered a Since your body tends to sweat when you get hot to cool you. Sweating, or increased perspiration, is one of the body's methods of ridding itself of toxins. Sweating What Does it Mean When Your Onion Bulbs Grow Flowers? Detail:

  2. Tricia Reply:

    what does it mean when you sweat for no reason you can be seat not even hot and start to sweat under my armpits. sometimes im not even hot im very much cold exacerbate the condition – when one begins experiencing sweaty palms in a certain fight-or-flight responses may be triggered at inappropriate times, as in

  3. Shara Reply:

    A cold is a contagious viral disease which infects your mucus membranes. Because it is a virus, it cannot be sweat from the body. Rather, your body will create antibodies to fight it off. Sweating in a hot bath or by drinking hot fluids can… More:

  4. Ima Reply:

    Cold sweats are often a symptom of being sick. Cold sweats tend to accompany viral and sinus infections, flu viruses and tend to occur during fevers. More:

  5. Elaine Reply:

    A cold sweat is a reaction to nervousness, fear, pain, or shock characterized by simultaneous perspiration and chill and cold moist skin. More:

  6. Nanette Reply:

    Can someone recommend a solution to cold climate makes me cold sweating not smelly feet. They sweat and in our My feet sweat, not smell. When they sweat and it is cold, my fee

  7. Delisa Reply:

    you made a few spelling mistakes in the beginning!!!!such as circumstance (sercimstace), brought (boughten) and pour (poor), or are those deliberate?? also i think u should use a more formal word than just piss!!!also you change the tense quite a lot! it started with present tense, then near the bit where the persona arrives at the small town it turns to past tense! then at the end its present tense again!the storyline is pretty good, but just the technical errors!

  8. Leola Reply:

    You sweat at least 1 liter though your feet on a daily. Wool on the other hand does a much better job of wicking away moisture, but You get the same sound when putting your fingers in your ears. but I can do it without doing so. My feet are always cold because I always sit on the computer for extended periods of time.

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