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What drug is Watson 3202?

Pills imprinted with Watson 3202 are Acetaminophen/ Hydrocodone capsules! It is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Deane Reply:

    Watson 385. 3. Watson 387. 4. Watson 388. 5. Watson 502. 6. Watson 503. 7. Watson 540. 8. Watson 853. 9. Watson 3202. 10. Watson 3203. 11. Watson 3228 Detail:

  2. Celinda Reply:

    I am wondering what this pill is that I found. It is smaller than my hydrocodone pills that have watson stamped on them. They are the same basic

  3. Angelia Reply:

    the side effects are that it makes u feal great the side effects are that it makes u feal great More:

  4. Jenette Reply:

    This is a Hydrocodone/APAP (acetaminophen, which is the chemical name for Tylenol) pill containing 5mg of hydrocodone and 325mg of Tylenol. This pill is used for mild to moderate pain relief. More:

  5. Akiko Reply:

    It’s a hydrocodone pill, usually 5mg Hydrocodone and 325mg acetaminophen. Generic vicodin. More:

  6. Emogene Reply:

    Hydrocodone???? (Watson 3202) high help? Ive got two pills in my room that a friend currently in trouble with the gave me today cause hes law, and cant do much with them. The

  7. Celsa Reply:

    http://www!webmd!com/pill-identification/default!htm??ecd=wnl_wnb_092208dumb ass

  8. Lenna Reply:

    Watson 3202 is a generic version for Vicodin manufactured by Watson All of them are popular brand names for the the same compound medicine:

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