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What happens if you get sharp pains in your stomach?

Extremely sharp abdominal pain, perhaps with other acute symptoms could be caused by heart attack, perforated ulcer!!! 24/7! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jasmine Reply:

    I have sharp pains !!!!! I’m gonna explode with direah

  2. Petronila Reply:

    Stomach or abdominal pain is the pain that is felt between the area of your chest and pelvis. When you eat, take time to chew your food well before swallowing it , persistent burning sensation and sharp abdominal pain; dizziness, nausea Detail:

  3. Marquitta Reply:

    Find out what causes tummy trouble in this article for kids. When you get a pain in your stomach, it might be an actual problem right in your stomach, but not If you’re stressed about something, you can get sharp pains in your stomach.

  4. Mikki Reply:

    my pain is stabbing pain every time i walk from school and back its been harting since thusday what could that mean More:

  5. Hiedi Reply:

    your pregnant. Hello, Does not mean your pregnant, could be a number of things. Go to the doctor and good luck. More:

  6. Shelia Reply:

    Stomach pains could have a number of different causes. You could have something harmless like gas or severe like appendicitis. If you have persistent or worsening stomach pains, especially with fever, consult your doctor. More:

  7. Margareta Reply:

    Stomach pains, sharp pains, diarrhea often, practically live off pepto, what’s wrong? Here’s some details… It’s been years since this has been occurring, I can’t even remem

  8. Yun Reply:

    Well the one doctor was right!!!you probably did have a gas build up! The same thing used to happen to me and does once in a while, but not so much anymore! The only thing that would help me get rid of the pains was rollling on the floor from side to side! You need to do whatever you can to move the gas down! This gas is stuck in your intestines and cant get out easily by itself! It does hurt when you roll around, but it was the only thing that ever helped me! It might help if you eat a little more fiber too!!!!that gets things going!

  9. Toi Reply:

    If the pain is persistent or chronic, or varies in intensity and isn't just a fleeting pain (which could be gas), then you How many quarts of juice does a stomach make per day? What would happen if you took the stomach out of your body?

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