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What happens when you take too much b12?

The symptoms of the overdose of vitamin B12 are numbness of any parts of body, itch, or a feeling of burning pain or pricking! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Hortencia Reply:

    Too Much Vitamin B12 Side Effects It's normally harmless, but too much B12 can have negative. What Happens If You Eat Too Much Fatty Foods? Detail:

  2. Donella Reply:

    Great question, especially since vitamin B12 metabolism/absorption and function are super cool and interesting. The chance of ODing on vitamin B12 is so low that the Institute of Medicine[1] did not set an upper limit for B12 intake. When y

  3. Armandina Reply:

    With Vitamin B12,overdoses are almost unknown. It is important for energy use and metabolism. More:

  4. Lorenza Reply:

    There is no credentialed medical research that shows any medical consequences of Vitamin B12 overdose. B12 is a non-toxic substance. The liver stores a 3-5 year supply of B12, and the rest is sent directly to the colon for elimination. You … More:

  5. Reina Reply:

    Well first after a couple of hours you start to feel dizy… After 1-3 days you go into a coma if you don’t drink any water. Drink enough and you’ll be JUST fine! Don’t worry… By not drinking that water, the vitemins in your body with sto… More:

  6. Roberta Reply:

    i have vitamin b12 2.5mcg of b12 …my b12 count 111 units. i? i have vitamin b12 deficiency. …my b12 in blood is should b 212. what are the correc

  7. Stephnie Reply:

    I am answering based on my unique experience — take from it what you find useful! :)I have three children! During all of my pregnancies, I experienced severe morning sickness — I could not keep prenatals down! My second child was diagnosed with a cancer called neuroblastoma at age 2! Research has found the folic acid during pregnancy reduces the risk of neuroblastoma by about 50%! When I was contemplating having my third baby, I consulted with my OBGYN about the matter!Here is what we did:1! People with histories of babies ith problems that folic acid can prevent (i!e! spina bifida) can take up to 4000mcg of Folic Acid! My dosage was 4000mcg!2! To keep it down, I took sublingual tablets (under the tongue)! This way I could not throw them up!3! High doses of folic acid, while considered non-toxic (your body gets rid of any excess through your urine! Your body does not store excess in your body — any extra is excreted in your urine because it is water-soluable, not fat-soluble! Be careful with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, you can OD on those!!!), BUT high doses of folic acid can mask a B-12 deficiency! I was told to take the two vitamins together to ensure I did not have a deficiency! B-12 deficiency can lead to pernicious anemia! Trader Joes had a sublingual tablet that has both folic acid and B-12 (but I believe your prenatal has enough in it)!It is great that you are taking the folic acid now! The most important time to have it in your system is before you even know you are pregnant! No, I do not believe 1200mcg is too much! I personally also do not think you need to take any more than that — just make sure you get enough B-12! Your prenatal has 8mcg of B12, which is fine! The recommended dosage per day for non-pregnant individuals is 2!4 mcg! I personally think taking 1200mcg of folic acid and 8mcg Folic acid is necessary for cell division and growth — especially rapidly diving cells liek an embryo! If the cells of a new embryo are dividing and some of the DNA does not copy correctly, folic acid helps the cells repair themselves! Folic acid can also prevent damage to DNA!As a side note, I read that the father should take folic acid prior to conception as well! It helps with proper sperm production and preventing chromosomal defects in sperm!!!! (See http://www!medpagetoday!com/PrimaryCare/DietNutrition/8825)You can read all about folic acid on wikipedia — it is really quite interesting! http://en!wikipedia!org/wiki/Folate#Folic_acid_supplements_and_masking_of_B12_deficiency

  8. Deadra Reply:

    answer this question? What happens if you consume too much Vitamin B12? You may already have an account. Click here to connect your

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