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What is the pill Roxies?

The term "roxies" is slang for a strong pain killer called roxicodone! It is most commonly used in 15mg (small green circle pill) and 30mg (small circle) Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Joette Reply:

    Look for short straws that are used to snort crushed Roxicodone pills. Roxicodone pills and related drugs come in many different forms and colors. Check any Detail:

  2. Daniel Reply:

    Aug 21, 2009 What is the drug kids are using the nickname or slang term (Roxies)for. From what I gather it is in pill form, but the prefered method of use is

  3. Pinkie Reply:

    Like allot of street drugs it’s legit use is a pain killer. Roxycodon is said to be addictive and hard on the system to kick. – Discussion from a thread about Roxy – "I have watched so many friends fall into this addiction. What people don’… More:

  4. Elvina Reply:

    roxy is a street name for roxicet or roxycodones which is the brand name for an oxycodone based pain killer very similar to percocet, but they come in higher doses usually 15 and 30 mgs and they contain no aspirin purley oxycodone More:

  5. Sophie Reply:

    There are a few different pills that are narcotic pain killers in pill form. There is ROXICET, also called TYLOX, ROXANOL (also called Morphine), ROXICODONE (Percocet without the Tylenol). Anyone of these narcotic pain killers are strong, r… More:

  6. Tiera Reply:

    I am addicted to Roxies, my addiction might not be-4 everycoupleofdays? My exact question is after important to some, because I only use 2 doing this for a year and feeling li

  7. Evelyn Reply:

    roxycet is extremely addictive, very dangerous and insanely expensive! if you know whats good for you, you wont ever touch it again! ive seen it turn good people into lunatic pillheads!

  8. Simone Reply:

    Aug 23, 2010 Pill Reminder App What is the difference between roxy and oxy? I have only been using roxy for about three months, and my habit is only

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