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What is wrong if I have pain in my heel and knees?

A knee injury can affect any of the ligaments, tendons or fluid-filled sacs (bursae) that surround your knee joint as well as etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Anamaria Reply:

    But if you have knee injuries, you may want to be cautious Conversely, if you have knee pain with the heel raised, keeping the heel My knee cries the same sob story as everyone else's: it hurts going up and down stairs, when I sit on it,. Detail:

  2. Matha Reply:

    “If there’s a problem with that foundation, everything else – knees, hips and back – is thrown off.” . I have EXCRUCIATING pain in the ball of my feet and heel. .. (wrong number) and on the way there I felt a stinging sensation in my heels.

  3. Dollie Reply:

    You could have fluid retention or sprain, but it’s best to see a doctor to be sure. More:

  4. Kina Reply:

    Was there an injury to it. That is where most knee pain comes from More:

  5. Jo Reply:

    Knee pain can be caused by injury from a blow to the knee, or from repeated stress or overuse. Have you had knee trauma recently? More:

  6. Faustina Reply:

    I have pain and stiffness in me legs and behind my my legs. What could be wrong. I know I have arthritis knees in the back of Ilike using natural herbs and spices , not perscr

  7. Addie Reply:

    It sounds like you could have achilles tendonitis! This is the back of your ankle just above your heel! When this is irritated, it can cause an intense burning with sharp pain! It is usually worse when you first get up in the morning and gradually gets better with walking! Running and jumping can be very painful! If you are walking funny because of the tendonitis, it can cause excrutiating foot pain and can also affect your knee! I had a severe achilles tendonitis about a year ago! I needed an MRI, orthopedic consults, a night cast, and special orthotics to fix my problem! I could barely walk, my tendon made a clicking sound when I walked, my entire foot ached, and my knee clicked sometimes when walking up stairs! It all comes back to the way you walk! If your are favoring it, you can definitely irritate other areas! Here are a few things to consider to make a tendonitis diagnosis! Is your pain worse in the morning or after you have been inactive?? Does your achilles hurt to touch or pinch between your fingers gently?? Is there any type of bump noticible?? I had such a severe case that I needed custom orthotics (still wear them and they are WONDERFUL) and had to stay off my foot whenever possible and wear a cast at night for 9 months! If you catch this quickely, it can be fixed in a week or two with a brace and some rest! I definitely recommend contacting your MD to discuss this, and they may be able to help you before you do permanent damage or cause a prolonged healing time! Good luck

  8. Annelle Reply:

    I get so dizzy that I throw up and feel as if my balance is off centered. Maybe I am going to the wrong ones. His wisdom will heal you. so much of the time we look for a magical zap, but we fail to realize we . However the pain is behind my knee and usually always in my upper thigh sometimes all the way up to my hip.

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