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What shouldn’t you do if you have a concussion?

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  1. Cheri Reply:

    Post-concussion headaches are a common lasting side effect of significant head injuries. of memory should seek medical attention, there are a number of things you can If they aren't doing the trick, talk to your doctor to see if you can have Detail:

  2. Manuela Reply:

    A concussion is a traumatic brain injury. Your soft, pliable brain literally bumped the inside of your bony, sharp skull and caused damage. Bleeding may result and damage to cognitive functions are also possible. You should stop resuming th

  3. Aleida Reply:

    Alcohol and certain other drugs may slow your recovery and can put you at risk of further injury after a concussion. More:'t-you-drink-within-48-hours-of-a-concussion

  4. Willene Reply:

    Wait until your normal bed time then get plenty of sleep at night and take it easy during the day. Have someone check on you. More:'t-you-sleep-after-you-get-a-concussion

  5. Thao Reply:

    The only real acute problem after hitting the head to watch for -and consequently patient should be woken up during the 1st,MORE.. More:'t-you-go-to-sleep-after-you-suffer-a-concussion

  6. Bao Reply:

    I got a concussion and a in April of this year labyrinthine concussion and a whiplash. When will I feel Better?

  7. Michael Reply:

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  8. Michal Reply:

    What do you do when you have concussion? Adult should not go in to work for 5 weeks or only go in to work 3 day a weekcause , work is stressful, and you

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