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Why am I having sharp pains in my shoulder blade and wrist?

Pain in your shoulder blade and wrist can result from a pinch nerve in your cervical region which is your neck or other cervical causes! See your doctor for relief! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sophia masean Reply:

    Hi my name is Sophia and my boyfriend is have a sharp pain from his left shoulder blade shooting down to his wrist. It’s constant shooting pain for over 3 days. He said the shooting pain is unbearable. Can you please tell me what could cause it.

  2. Kathaleen Reply:

    Many people therefore assume that if they have should pain on the right side, it's no big deal and does not need to be checked out. Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health Severe pain from a gallbladder attack will start in the right shoulder blade and Learn how to do scapula exercises for shoulder pain with. Detail:

  3. Wenona Reply:

    I’m 30 year old male and I suffer from really strong pain located next to my left shoulder blade. I feel like there’s a knife stabbing me in the back under my shoulder blade. My husband had it. also hurts down your arm to wrist. I have the same problem, a sharp pain just on the inside of my right shoulder

  4. Daniela Reply:

    Use both! You probably just pulled a muscle. And go get a massage to help out if you have a knot. You’ll be just fine with some anti-inflammatories and rest. :) More:

  5. Jo Reply:

    YES! I’ve totally had that before….very annoying, I know. What worked best for me is warming up the muscle with a heating pad for about 15-20 minutes, and then gently stretching it out by crossing my arm across the front of my body. It to… More:

  6. Fransisca Reply:

    Right shoulder pain can result from gas, a sore muscle and disorders of the esophagus, stomach (penetrating ulcer), and pancreas may cause pain under the right shoulder blade. More:

  7. Lanita Reply:

    I am having sharp tingling pains in my shoulder blade? I have been having these now and along with those paind for over 5 weeks pains, I have tingles in my legs but the should

  8. Vi Reply:

    Keep writing! It is good therapy to get it out so you can read it later and learn to be OK! Write dont cut but when you do cut write some more! Let YOU flow out of the ink instead of out of the cuts! Words on paper heal and go away faster than cuts on the flesh! Think beautiful and stay beautiful!

  9. Fatimah Reply:

    Therefore, if Governor Connally was in the path of the bullet it would have . These do not necessarily correspond with bullet wounds, since Kennedy was of the scapula" [shoulder blade] at a location 14 cm (5.5 in) from the tip of the .. It was the bullet from my body, the one that passed through my back, chest, and wrist,

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