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Why do I have sharp pains on both sides of my stomach?

It depends on whether you are male or female, but pain accompanied by vomiting more than four times should be seen by a doctor! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sharron Reply:

    Why Do I Get a Sharp Pain in My Side When I'm Jogging? Also called side stitches or Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP), the sensation isn' t unique to Both amateur joggers and running enthusiasts experience side pains. Detail:

  2. Alfreda Reply:

    Severe pain on either or both sides or your lower You could have pulled or stretched a

  3. Doretta Reply:

    Answer It means that you are dying Answer It means that you are dying ok that first answer was STUPID! Some possible causes could be gastritis, gall stones or gall bladder diesease or inflammation. Also kidney stones. Gas itself causes very… More:

  4. Richard Reply:

    Appendix. More:

  5. Alpha Reply:

    Stomach pains could have a number of different causes. You could have something harmless like gas or severe like appendicitis. If you have persistent or worsening stomach pains, especially with fever, consult your doctor. More:

  6. Andra Reply:

    Sharp pains on both sides of I have been having random stomach and then they would sharp pains in my lower lower stomach.Is this normal? For about a month now go away, but in

  7. Madeleine Reply:

    La, im pretty sure he has parents, um I get these all the time! since I was little, and the doctors have no clue as to what is wrong with me! but still I suggest that you go to a doctor, and they may want to give him a cat scan! I had to have that!Hope he feels better

  8. Dena Reply:

    I actually went into the emegency room for a pain on my left side that would not go away. My pains are on both sides, I have heard that sharp pain on one side is a sign of It felt like a bad cramp and got worse around my abdomen area.

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