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Why do i keep getting a sharp pain in my butt?

If its a temporary annoyance, it could just be bruising or shingles! Cha Cha! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Eve Reply:

    The cervix normally keeps all bacteria of the vagina from spreading. When a sexually The bladder walls my bleed slightly. • A person Is the pain more severe when you are having your menstrual cycle? • Is the pain It is felt inside the buttocks, on both sides of the pelvic regions, and the back of the thighs. You will feel Detail:

  2. Albertina Reply:

    Why am i having sharp pains in my butt? not sexual active, don’t drink or do drug, but I been having sharp pain in my butt. Stop putting sharp things up it.

  3. Lillia Reply:

    A sharp pain in your side during jogging isn’t cause for concern, though it is unpleasant. Also called side stitches or Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP), the sensation isn’t unique to joggers. Swimmers and horse riders are a… More:

  4. Sandi Reply:

    Exercising . We always hear about exercising more. But yes, exercising greatly improves your ability to perform higher mental functions and not be scatterbrained. Getting your breathing rate up by doing aerobic exercises is important. I put… More:

  5. Kattie Reply:

    You could have pinched a nerve or have an internal problem More:

  6. Lisa Reply:

    sharp pain in my butt, can hardly walk? i have this pain in my left butt cheek and it hurts to walk, heat helps it but if its a sharp pain and i move it the wrong way it hurts

  7. Sylvie Reply:

    Its most likely a pinched nerve! Daily stretching can help this overtime! Do techniques like sitting down and bending forward and holding your toes with your head down in your lap! This is a great back stretching technique! also doing supermans! Laying on your stomach and pulling your torso and legs up off of the ground so that you are balanced only on your naval! The main thing that we learn as we get older is our bodies are not nearly as good as when we were 16! Lol! Every adult needs to stretch daily! If the pain is very serious it could be a slipped disk! In which case I would consult a physician!

  8. Else Reply:

    It could mean a lot of things: you could have severe cramps, you could have torn I have a pain in my right butt an my right leg by my calf when i get the pain in

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