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Why do my bones hurt when i get cold?

Your bones may hurt due to the fact that some conditions become especially painful when the weather is cold!These conditions may include rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, phantom limb pain,and osteoarthritis!If it’s really painful, please see a dr! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shantel Reply:

    My bones hurt so bad too when its cold! To the point where I just can’t move and I want to cry. And I’m only 15, these comments are really concerning me. Should I got get it checked out? My elbow is always where it hurts the most

  2. Yetta Reply:

    Why Do My Joints Ache When the Weather Changes?. "There's a storm brewing. I can feel it in my bones." How often have you heard someone say something Detail:

  3. Joannie Reply:

    Why do my bones and joints hurt when it’s too cold in my house? How can I I did a blood test and it appeared taht I have vitamin D and calcium shortage. Now

  4. Shanel Reply:

    Exercise and Bone Density The loss of bone density over time is a major concern for many, especially since it can increase the likelihood of breaking bones as one ages. A link between exercise and bone density has been found, showing that s… More:

  5. Sean Reply:

    It’s due to arthritis – arthritis sets up in the old injury and flares up whenever there are weather changes. More:

  6. Remedios Reply:

    The feeling of your bones hurting can be very difficult to diagnose. There is a condition known as fibromylagia that can often be the cause of this. See your doctor to be sure. More:

  7. Delorse Reply:

    It started a couple of months ago, I’m 30 so it’s not growing pains. They hurt for quite a bit of the day, now it’s spread to my other bones like ny shoulders, feet and hands

  8. Mildred Reply:

    It has to do with the way that your hand (in this case, but, if it was another body part, similiar results would be seen–however, the palm of your hand has ALOT of nerves) is more rigid when it is cold! This makes it LESS flexible, and MORE prone to superficial injury!!!!even without frost nip setting in! In the event that actual frost nip set in, this would be even more sensitive, as you have tiny crystals beginning to form in your cells, like little shards of glass!!!!!!and, smacking them, rubbing them, or scraping them would be like SMACKING, RUBBING, or SCRAPING your neutral temperature hand against shards of glass! When it is cold, your nerves are VERY sensitive to the temperature, as it ISNT numb yet, and still!!!!blood flow is slowed down tremendously! In fact, your body has begun vaso-constricting all its blood flow AWAY from your hands and feet, then the arms and legs, resulting in nerves being pressed upon by the less suple skin and vascular tissues! (think of it like this!!!!your hand swells—you cant get a RING off your finger! SO, you get told to run your hand under cold water—really cold water for about 15 minutes! The ring should slide right off!!!if not, you may need to run hot water JUST on the metal ring for 1 minute to re-expand the metal! This is because when your hand is cold—it is actually smaller! the only thing that gets bigger when cold is WATER—every thing else gets smaller)

  9. Lizzette Reply:

    Does getting a bone scan hurt? No. First, make sure it is your bones that hurt, not just the muscles around them. Why does my urine hurt when I have a cold?

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