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Why does my heart hurt when I breathe?

Pain in the chest when you breathe is a sign of an anxiety attack! If it persists, see a doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Shery Reply:

    The pain is also associated with shortness of breath caused by acute or chronic bronchitis, an inflammation of the Why Do My Chest & Ears Hurt When I Run? Detail:

  2. Erica Reply:

    What you think may be pain in your heart may actually be in your lungs as in Pneumonia. You really should talk to your parent/guardian/grandmother about this so they can take you to the Emergency Room, a Walk-In Clinic or a Physicians Offic

  3. Majorie Reply:

    If you have pain in your chest when you breathe you could have damage to a rib, pneumonia, or a cardiac issue. That’s just a few causes. To rule out something critical see a doctor right away. More:

  4. Lizzette Reply:

    A new study suggests the psychological hurt of a break-up is just as real as a physical injury. Two areas of the brain that respond to physical pain also become activated when a person is dealing with social pain, such as being dumped. The … More:

  5. Yolando Reply:

    You may have eaten something that caused you to have heartburn. You should try taking some medicine like Rolaids. If it persist too long then see your doctor because it could be something more server. More:

  6. Ivy Reply:

    why does my heart hurt when i breathe in? im not a smoker, i have a healthy diet, 16 years old

  7. Keely Reply:

    If it hurts when you breathe, thats a sign that its not a heart problem, but rather a lung issue! Not something to be too worried about!

  8. Penney Reply:

    Why does my right lung hurts when i breath? Improve. In: Health What does it mean if the right side of your chest hurt when you breath in? There are many

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