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Why does my stomach hurt when I eat breakfast in the morning?

Stomach pain can be caused by many things including pregnancy and the need for a bowl movement! Do you have other symptoms?? Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Clementina Reply:

    Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health Hence, here are a few steps that have helped certain persons prepare for, choke to fast for most people: have a late light dinner, skip breakfast the next morning and go to the appointment. This way your stomach will be empty and be able to hold all of the barium sulfate Detail:

  2. Ray Reply:

    Stomach pain can be caused by many things including pregnancy and Why do dentures hurt the top of my mouth? Dentures may be

  3. So Reply:

    most likely you have a sensitive stomach, so having food after not having it for a long time (how many hours you sleep and when you wake up) can cause the food to make it sore. it could also be your breakfast is too big for you. or you coul… More:

  4. Reanna Reply:

    Your stomach hurting after you eat could be caused by a few different things such as not chewing your food well. Possible the fluids you drink with your food is causing your stomach to be upset. Possibly if you are on different meds you tak… More:

  5. Samara Reply:

    You stomach may hurt for a few reasons when you are eating. Make sure that you chew your food properly. Drinking liquid with food is not a very good idea because it dilutes the acid in the stomach. If you continue to have the problems the b… More:

  6. Ola Reply:

    What could i do for breakfast (when i eat it it makes annoying because im hungry in my stomach hurt)? i dont eat breakfast, and i find it really school and i think im also mor

  7. Gisele Reply:

    I know you said that even when you eat breakfast, your stomach still hurts! However, you also mentioned that you dont eat breakfast on a regular basis! I would recommend making breakfast a routine! Your body isnt used to getting all of the nutrients it needs! As youve heard, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Also, your stomach may be sensitive when you first wake up! My stomach is like that too! Yogurt or creamy drinks like milk tea coat your stomach! Dairy really helps with stomach problems! The best way to avoid this problem would be to eat healthy and exercise regularly! Over summer my stomach was totally sensitive because my sleeping habits were bad, I ate junk, and I was not very physically active! Now, I go to sleep and wake up at a decent hour because of school, I eat healthier, and soccer season has started so Im exercising regularly! My stomach no longer hurts in the morning or anything! I have acid reflex as well so I feel a little sick at random times! But thats only in my case! You might want to check and see if you have it!

  8. Rana Reply:

    She has just now started to complain about her stomach hurting. Take with a big We also started giving my son PBJ for breakfast and now he is eating lunch better also. I don't know I will increase it to 80 mg. in the mornings after one week.

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