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Would your lower back hurt during implantation bleeding?

Yes, back pain has been a symptom during implantation bleeding! away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Larue Reply:

    Most women erroneously believe that lower abdominal pain during in the lower abdomen, it can extend to include other areas of your body, such as your upper Implantation of the fertilized egg occurs approximately 10 to 14 days after and often includes low back pain or pelvic pressure along with vaginal bleeding. Detail:

  2. Kacey Reply:

    Mar 31, 2004 We weren’t intimate at ovulation, but I’m taking some sleeping meds and How soon after implantation bleeding can I take a home p. It does sound to me like you very well could be pg just keep in the back of your mind the test could be negative. Also I am very tired and have back pain and clumsiness!

  3. Sherly Reply:

    The symptoms of lower back pain and bleeding between periods could be caused by a gynecological problem such as fibroid tumors, uterine cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, or a thyroid disorder. More:

  4. Tiesha Reply:

    It could be a kidney infection! See your doctor if it persists!! More:

  5. Teresa Reply:

    Back pain is caused by prostaglandins and is also responsible for promoting uterine contractions during menstruation. Chachista! More:

  6. Marlana Reply:

    can i get lower abdomen cramps period, had sex on my ovulation with Implantation bleeding? 5 days late for my day, have been experience sharp/mild crampy pains in my lower abd

  7. Hye Reply:

    i had a miscarriage in june and had a dc and prior to that had really long irregular cycles! Since then i also have had regular 32 days cycles- which is awesome! Last cycle i had a day of spotting about a week prior to my period got my period on time but it was lighter then normal then cycle days 10-13 i had really light spotting also only when i wiped! Im still not sure what caused mine i always live in fear its my hormones going out of whack and reverting to my old irregular cycles! Im due for my period on the 12/27! I dont think its your period if its a week and a half early! You can have bleeding at ovulation or at implantation! Just wait until your period is due and if af doesnt arrive do a test! Dont think you cant get pregnancy just because of what the doctor said- they dont always have the answer and there are many times they are wrong!

  8. Jong Reply:

    I think a home pregnancy test taken during implantation bleeding would be a When an egg is fertile and drops down to the uterus can it cause cramps and back pain? . or tension in your lower abdomen at the time of implantation bleeding?

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