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Who Sings When I Move You Move Just Like That

You may have such questions as Who Sings This Song with These Lyrics and Who Sings a Certain Song,or you may also seek several helpful information about I Need Help Finding Who Sings This Song. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Who Sings Just a Little Bit,too. Read more as following:

The song ” When I Move you Move just Like That” is sung by Atlanta based rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. One of his other well known hits is “What’s Your Fantasy.”

Who sings the song with these lyrics?

You didn't give the lyrics, so we can't help you with finding the specific song. Come back again and re-ask the question and we can help you find the answer.... More »

Who Sings a Certain Song?

In order to determine who sings a certain song, the song title would need to be provided. You can research it online by simple entering the name of the song into any internet search engine.... More »

i Need Help Finding Who Sings This Song?

If you got a song that you got stuck in your head but you just can't remember the name of it I would suggest trying some of the following. First if you know any of the lyrics try typing them into a search engine (Lyrics of song + lyrics). Another rou... More »

Who Sings This Country Song?

Oh, oh, we can't hear the song you are singing! I would love to tell you what that song is but we will need some lyrics from it or even the title of the song if you know it. Then I will be happy to tell you who sings it!... More »

Who sings that song that goes like this?

'Mah Na Mah Na' is a song ...... More »

Who Sang That Hit?

I suppose that depends upon which hit you are referring to. There are lots of hit songs sang by many different artists in many different eras. I hope you find the one you are looking for. More »


  1. David Davis Reply:

    songs kinda like The Salmon Dance – Chemical Brothers or something. anything that sings to move to the left. right hop, ect. anything fun to dance to as a group of people.

  2. Paul Linker Reply:

    Hey I am trying out for Babette, what makes a good Babette? How should I act/walk/sing/talk/move… ext We will not be able to pick our audition song or the lines we have to read for the audition but I would really like to be Babette. Any tips? :-) Thanks

  3. Amu Reply:

    i dont know what moves i should teach them. altaria is more better on physical attacks and grumpig is more on special attacks.

  4. Tgomez Reply:

    I just recorded my friend singing and I want to move it over to imovie to edit and add titles and stuff. I thought you just dragged the movie over but imovie wont let the movie be placed where its says to place it. Please help were trying to start a youtube channel! :)

  5. Jaz Reply:

    I remember listening to a song that went something like a jamican man singing move your hips to this dj and leave it all behind for the summmertime. i dont know if thats right but does anyone know what its called?

  6. Ana B Reply:

    …..And when watching any American sport, I don’t see them singing or even moving their lips. Often I see them chewing gum,not paying attention and sometimes talking. Why is this?

  7. Steven Reply:

    My son’s birthday party is coming up in a few days and we’ve decided to get him an elmo live. He loves any toys that sing or move. What are your reviews on it?
    He’s a year old and his sister is 4. Thanks a bunch.

  8. Akym Reply:

    How do you sing without moving your larynx up and down? It seems impossible. Is it supposed to be still all the time?

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