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When was Make-up First Used

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Make-up use can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Make-up was used to enhance the face, especially the eyes and lips with use of plant pigments and other materials.

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When to use a

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What is it used for

Because there are so many possibilities to this question, there is no answer that can be given. It is imperative that you be more specific in your questions so that specific answers can be given…. More »

When was make up invented?

Makeup has been used since ancient times, where women and men used natural pigments for ceremonial purposes. During Roman and Greek times, women used chalk and other dyes to make themselves prettier…. More »

What is ~ used for?

It might be easy to think of it as an emoticon like :) or :D or XD. Really, if you can picture a cute little smile at the end of the sentence, that’s what it kinda means. It can also mean the sentence was supposed to be in a sing-songy voice. This is just what I assume from the context I’ve seen it in…. More »

What is mometasone furoate used for?

It is an ointment used itchy skin rashes. It is a steroid cream. It can be absorbed through the skin so using on large areas is not advised…. More »

How to use i tunes?

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  1. David says:

    Make up remover wipes break me out, Are there any other ways to remove make up without using wipes? I tried just using soap and water to remove the make up but that doesn’t get all the make up off. I wash and moisturize my face after removing the make up.

  2. Angela Barlow says:

    I’m going to be a greek goddess for halloween and need to know what make up to use. I have light brown hair and I’m a little tan but fairly light. I have hazel (brownish/green) eyes. My costume is white and gold. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

  3. Liveitup says:

    I’m trying to figure out what I would call the mirrors that make up artists use. They have the huge bulbs all around the sides of the mirrors and you see them in movies all the time. I want to have one in my room, but I need to figure out what they are called so that I can get one. Any help?

  4. Exotica says:

    I have been prescribed isotane for my acne and want to know if it is ok to wear make-up while using it. I only really use tinted moisturiser, eye liner and mascara but it does dry out your skin, so I just wanted to check.

  5. Cone says:

    I have acne. It’s not too terrible but it’s still noticable
    the make up i use makes my skin oily so i was wondering if anyone knew a
    liquid foundation and liquid concealer that is good for acne/oily skin

    ps the cheaper the better
    thank you!

  6. Mr Low says:

    I’m getting violet contacts soon but I don’t know what kind of make up to use with them. I have dark brown eyes right now. Any tips?

  7. Lucas Carlton says:

    I would like to be more “make up friendly” for this school year and i need tips for just simple make up use for eyeshadow, cover up, and mascara. Also, how can I apply accessories to my everyday looks to make it seem more “fashionable”? HELP!

  8. Destry says:

    I’m a Black lady with a Mocha skin tone. I’m going for a high profile event and I just purchased a lovely baby blue evening gown to wear. I’m just not sure what kind of make up to use to compliment this. What eye make up and lipstick should I be looking at using. HELP!

  9. Ichigozgeneangels says:

    I’d like to try giving myself a fake beauty mark for fun, but I want it to look as real as possible — what would be the best make-up to use to achieve this?
    Any advice would be most appreciated! Thank you very much for your time.

  10. Gray says:

    Actually i am searching the information about the mask and make up used while doing kathakali dance,how this type of mask and make up started. which is most popular dance form of Kerala – India, started somewhere in 17th century. If any one knows please help me.

  11. Carley says:

    What make up would you use everyday to go to college?

  12. Elizabeth Taylor says:

    I have my wedding coming up in a few months. I don’t know what make up to use. I have really red cheeks and they get worse when im drinking, I also get spots when stressed. What is the best make up to use??

  13. Nixra6 says:

    What kind of make-up would you use if you have a bump or a pimple that you need to cover up?

    List some that do not make the skin look like it has glitter on it. If you could list some that are sweatproof it would be wonderful!

  14. Kayla says:

    I am fifteen, i wear foundation, eye; shadow, liner, mascara, and pink shimmer lip stick/gloss. What would be the best brand of make-up to use for all of this?

    * affordable.

  15. Wes T says:

    Hi! I’m planning to cosplay one of the Dream of Dolls and I have a tanned skin… What make up should I use? Thanks!

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