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How Old is Vladimir Putin

You may have similar questions as Who Is Vladimir Putin and What Nationality Is Vladimir Putin,or you may also seek several useful information about Who Are Vladimir Putins Parents. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Vladimir Putin Personal Biography,too. Read more as following:

Vladimir Putin is 58 years old. He was born on October 7, 1952. Vladimir Putin assumed office as the Prime Minister of Russia on May 8, 2008. He was formerly known as the President of Russia for 8 years.

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Who is Vladimir Putin?

Mr. Putin is the current Prime Minister of Russia. He is the former president of that country. Many say he still acts as president by giving advice to the current president…. More »

What nationality is Vladimir Putin?

He Is Russian…. More »

Who are Vladimir Putin’s parents?

Vladimir Putin’s parents are Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911 – 1999) and Maria Ivanovna Shelomova (1911 – 1998)… More »

When was Vladimir Putin born?

Vladimir Putin was born on October 1, 1952, in Leningrad, Russia. In Dec. of 1999, Putin became the act…… More »

How tall is Vladimir Putin?

Answer 1.65 m or 5’5 (According to the IMDB) IMDb is not a reliable source! But it could be 5’5…. More »

How old is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is a former Soviet intelligence agent that entered politics in the early 1990s and rose rap…… More »

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  1. Don says:

    Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin are Obama’s heros and mentors, we would be much better off with him staying there, Vladimir Putin and Obama have a lot in common,both are in the old socialistic mentality on how to run countries.

  2. Penguinsplus says:

    Granted, old Vlad is a graduate of the KGB school of crowd control, but you gotta wonder how many more “accidents” are going to occur with people who object to the Russians becoming a superpower again.

  3. Sycokittie says:

    Can Obama match wits with him ? Putin will be back in power I guess by the end of the year.

  4. Saphira says:

    On dating websites I’ve been to, especially for Russia and Ukraine, a lot of women on them looked kinda Asian. Even blonde ones. It’s kinda funny. Not just a little slanty eyes, but rounder skulls too. Vladimir Putin looks a bit like this too.

    Just something I’ve noticed, lol.

  5. Keke says:

    I was watching CNN with Amanpour reporting on Putins desire to become a Tsar. If he does what does that mean for Russia, and why would he do it?

  6. Liveitup says:

    Just curious to see what people think.

  7. Joe Mccanon says:

    He would be a 50 something year old Russian exchange student. After the school is taken over by singing and dancing terrorists, Putin is forced to brutally take them down with his unsurpassed judo prowess. What do you think??

  8. Lily Sanchez says:

    There are reports that old Vladdy has been rigging the election in his favour >:(

    lol suggested category was “Cars and Transportation – Car Makes – Volvo”

  9. Mf91 says:

    I think Vladimir Putin would be a great President, he has very high ratings in Russia close to 85% of the people like him

  10. Lois Elliott says:

    McCain patronized Ron Paul and lost the race because of it.

  11. Stephenie says:

    why russia made fake iranian election in 2 years ego ..that election in iran was order of russia ..but this election in russia is order of vladimir putin ..i heard mr putin is think is like honey and people are milk where is cow ?

  12. Trick says:

    Is it my old friend Bush?

  13. Tyroni says:

    Driving oil prices up is helping the Russian economy, US military power is focused outside the US borders, and Putin has managed to run for a third term in office. Is he just playing the US for suckers?

  14. Brat says:

    thank you

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