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How Rich is George Bush

You may have similar questions as How Much Is George Bush Worth and What Political Party Does George Bush Belong to,or you may also seek several useful information about Is George Bush a Freemason. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How Much Money Does George Bush Have,too. Read more as following:

George W.Bush has several millions of dollars. He received salary as president, but he also owns an oil business in Texas. So, he is worth several million at the very least.

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How Much is George Bush Worth?

While Bush was serving as President for 8 years he made 3.2 million. When he sold is share in the Texas Rangers he made 14.9 million. Currently his net worth is some where between 9 and 26 million. His money was in a blind trust so its hard to get an… More »

What political party does george bush belong to?

Both George Bushes are Republicans…. More »

Is George Bush a Freemason?

As of January 19 2010, neither George H.W. Bush nor George W. Bush are members of Freemasonry…. More »

How rich is george bush?

By Joseph Kay 1 August 2002 Use this version to print| Send this link by email | Email the author Much has been written over the past month about President George W. Bush’s actions while at Harken Energy. This is, indeed, a significant history: in th… More »

Where is george bush at today

I am unable to find where George Bush is located, but hopefully he … …MORE…… More »

Why is george bush a bad president?

I agree with you, I think hes a pretty good president. Everyone hates him because he is supporting an unpopular war on terrorism. Just look at what happend to british PM tony blair, hes stepping down from his power seat. And Why? because he supported… More »

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  1. Aikay says:

    Looks like the spineless wimps will approve Obama’s tax breaks for the rich, the George Bush plan to brown-nose the 2% rich. How many bets that they cave like 2 year old girls to give the tax breaks to the rich?

  2. Shannon Callah says:

    what were some of the tax breaks passed for the rich during the george bush administartation

  3. Awkward And Sweet says:

    George Bush and oil companies are getting rich off this war. Would it be profitable for them to use nuclear weapons?

  4. Meshell1229 says:

    Why did George Bush wreck the economy ? What was the point in that ?

  5. Molly says:

    If reducing taxes will create jobs why do we have fewer jobs today after George Bush cut taxes than before he cut them? Why did we have almost full employment after WW2 and the taxes were 90% for the rich? I want Mitt Romney to answer that question.

  6. Biz says:

    If Bill Clinton and George Bush were running for president again who would you go for?

  7. Just Me says:

    Do you agree that George Bush doesn’t care about black people? Would help have come faster if everyone was rich? Is it a race issue? Class issue? Both or neither?

  8. Adultery Elk says:

    Fill in the blank …. You people who do not like George bush are_______________.
    He would have to________________, _______________, _______________, to change my loyalty to and faith in his presidency.

  9. Naginata says:

    and only a few of the poor’s kids join their ranks?
    Is it destiny,their blue blood genes or once you reach it,rich status,their descendants are destined to be as smart and achieving as George Bush or Prince Charles,Paris Hilton,etc…?
    is democracy’s ultimate purpose?

  10. Katie Girl says:


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