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How to Grow Meth

You may have similar questions as How to Make METH with Gun Blue and Charcoal and How to Make METH with an Aquarium,or you may also seek several useful information about how to grow crystal meth. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to How to Grow METH in a Fish Tank,too. Read more as following:

You can't grow meth. Meth doesn't grow. It is made from a bunch of awful, smelly, dangerous, and toxic chemicals. It often explodes while being made and has killed people while they tried to make it. Terrible stuff.

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How to make meth with an aquarium

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How to grow crystal meth?

Crystal meth is not grown, but rather made from a series of chemical reactions. It is normally made from household items or medications that can be obtained over the counter. It is an illegal drug, and its manufacture is illegal as well…. More »

How do you grow meth?

It’s fairly easy to do, as the meth plants grow like dandelions. Alas the hard part is finding the proper seeds. I’d recommend doing a search for Uncle Fester’s Cookbook. He is the main source of seeds for Meth plants and other mind bending drugs…. More »

How do you grow crystal meth with kingsford charcoal and gun blue?

You don’t… More »

How do you grow crystal meth with liquid bluing?

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  1. Calzrhe says:

    grow operation or meth lab and not cause of the sinsus?

  2. Awkward And Sweet says:

    Other than its scientific name and meth, what else could you call meth especially if you were a user?

  3. Carl says:

    When there’s a grow-op or meth lab busted, what are the procedures for handling the seized goods(anything hazardous to the environment)? Where do the 1000 plants go? is it a government appointed agency that incinerates them?

  4. Missy says:

    Basically it’s about this kid and his father. The kid, named nicky, was a really good kid (honor role, etc.). He becomes addicted to meth. He starts doing things like steal from his brother. I saw this book a while ago and now want to buy it. Does anyone know what it’s called?

  5. Michelle says:

    Seriously, not some dumb remarks about crystal meth or something, for all you comedians out there…

  6. Lisam. =) says:

    I’ve never used meth and I’m not going to.

    What’s the reasoning for having possession of any amount of meth be a felony, instead of having it be a misdemeanor when it’s a small amount for personal use.

  7. Andreas Anthony says:

    My nikkas and I grew up learning to be tough and not weak like white rich gay men. Some of us were even in gangs. DFB was the gay wing which stands for Dem Flamer Boyz. I never was in a gang, but my ex of almost 5 years was. He was always in and out of juvie.

  8. Shiz_gizn_gar says:

    my friend used to HATE seeing fight scenes and stuff in movies. she didn’t grow up around much violence. but now she gets so angry and violent. why is that?

  9. Meow says:

    he’s also running a meth lab (smells like nail polish remover all the time around here) and I hear that he deals in child pornography as well. A real upstanding pillar of his store-front church too. How do I deal with this bozo before he blows up the neighborhood?

  10. Korrissa says:

    I live next door to a rental home, the tenants have turned the garage into a pot growing and drying enterprise.
    The landlord is aware that this is going on and will not evict.
    If the tenants are busted will there be any legal repercussions with the landlord?

  11. Lexi ? says:

    I am a teenage girl and am casually addicted to meth. I can not afford cocaine because babies are quite expensive.

  12. Korn says:

    I don’t do meth anymore, but I know it stays in your hair for years after use. Could you get in trouble for failing a hair follicle test for meth if it was per say 1-2 years ago?

  13. Julia says:

    My daughter is using meth. If she can get clean, will she ever be the same?

  14. Lily Sanchez says:

    Maybe I’ve been watching a little too much breaking bad but I know the chemistry behind it, I am a AP chem kid (best to 2nd best in class) wondering is it really that hard to cook up a nice back of meth?

  15. Thecoolestpersonalive says:


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