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Is Jay Leno a Democrat

You may have similar questions as Is Jay Leno a Republican and What Is Jay Leno's Political Affiliation,or you may also seek several useful information about How Do I Submit a Headline to Jay Leno. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to Send Email to Jay Leno,too. Read more as following:

Yes in fact Jay Leno is a democrat and supports the party. He gives financial incentives to politicians in his area and to the national democratic society.

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Is jay leno a republican?

Leno made clear in a 2004 Rolling Stone interview that he was not a republican and this it w…… More »

What is Jay Leno’s political affiliation?

Democrat… More »

How do i submit a headline to jay leno

There are a couple of ways you can send your headlines into Jay Leno for the Tonight Show. First you can upload it at … More »

How much is jay leno worth?

No exact net worth is known, but Jay Leno does own over 300 exotic cars. ChaCha!… More »

To whom is jay leno married to?

Jay Leno married to Mavis Nicholson on 30 November 1980. They are still married, and h…… More »

How tall is Jay Leno?

Answer Jay Leno is 5′ 11" tall…. More »

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  1. Kahurangi says:

    Conan O’brien and Jay Leno. One of them in republican while the other is democrat. Frankly I don’t care but it is driving me crazy! Anyone know?

  2. Peacebalance says:

    He told Jay Leno “If you’re actually in the room when Obama does one of his speeches and you don’t cry, you’re not an American. Can you imagine a conservative from FOX News saying that about a leader like say Reagan? They would be called a journalistic disgrace.

  3. A Concerned Citizen says:

    How much did it cost YOU the taxpayer to have Obama show up on the Leno show instead of doing the job he is PAID to do?

    How much of a carbon footprint did Obama leave just to be a wanna be celebrity?

    When will “golden boy” start doing his JOB instead of campaigning?

  4. Surjz says:

    Last night Jay Leno made up a fake campaign slogan for the republicans. ” are we going to vote for a woman or a black pres. while America was always run by old white men.? ”
    Joking aside do you think there is a real possibility they’ll resort to that ?

  5. Alishaa says:

    mine would be jay leno probably becausr he was the first one i ever started watching. was too young for johnny. but i am starting to get tuned on to him via youtube. plus who didn’t love jays headlines?

  6. Allyson C says:

    Who would be a good choice America? Tom Cruise? Jay Leno? Letterman? Tom Hanks? Phil Michelson? Think of someone fast, they need help, they are waiting for Hilary Clinton to get back to looking like a good choice. Oh I know, the guy Jay Leno has on that looks just like George Bush.

  7. Fluttershy says:

    What are some other tips for boycotting AIG? Do you have contact information for AIG?

  8. Viola says:

    I tried to click on an e-mail with heading of Obama digging up dirt on Santorum,but what I got was a click noise and a yellow ! point.What does this mean and what type of dirt is going to be spread about Santorum?

  9. Aderlin says:

    Do Americans truly understand the damage that the 0bama regime has done and is doing to America’s political image around the world? Now the question is, will the United States ever again be seen as a world leader?

  10. Meli Jmzzz says:

    I know the Media leans towards the left and Democrats but is this not overkill? even though Letterman is repeat.
    Could it be to counter the Republican convention? maybe….

  11. Mons?er ? Loki'd says:

    Peter Schiff is a genius.

    By posing as a liberal, it’s amazing what he can get out of these libtards.

  12. Kalie Killen says:


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