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Who Attempted to Assassinate Gerald Ford

You may have similar questions as When Was The Gerald Ford Assassination Attempt and Who Attempted To Assassinate Gerald Ford,or you may also seek several useful information about How Many Attempted Assassination On Gerald Ford. In addition,you may be interested in answers related to travel,too. Read more as following:

President Gerald Ford lived through two attempts on his life, both of which occurred within three weeks of each other. Lynette Fromme was first on September 05, 1975, but the Secret Service intervened when they saw her point the Colt .45 caliber and fire but nothing happened as she failed to chamber a round and seventeen days later, Sara Jane Moore fired a .38 caliber revolver at him and missed, thanks to a former Marine that deflected her hand just in time.

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When was the Gerald Ford assassination attempt?

There were two unrelated attempts within 17 days in Caliifornia in 1975…. More »

Who attempted to assassinate gerald ford?

During his Presidency, two crazed women made separate attempts to assassinat…… More »

How many attempted assassination on Gerald Ford?

President Ford, the Fortieth President of the United States survived …… More »

Who assassinated john wilkes booth?

Sergeant Boston Corbett shot and killed John Wilkes Booth. He later claimed it was…… More »

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  1. Rubens Gates says:

    Death penalty? Life imprisonment? Would it depend on the state or would it go straight to a federal court?
    If the guy who shot Kennedy hadn’t been killed, would they have executed him or what?

  2. Mallory Molenda says:

    Please help! Thank you!

  3. Lily Sanchez says:
  4. Megan S says:

    Has a secret service agent ever actually jump in front of the president or saving him?

    Because the only assassination I knew was kennedy and there was no secret service back then.

  5. Cat Lover...!!! says:

    Does america have the highest number of assassinated leaders than any other country?
    Not just presidents. I mean anyone that was considered a leader like MLK and malcolm X.

  6. Not Gadget Man says:

    I know lincoln had a dream he was in a coffin before he died, and JFK was in a play put on by his friend, and he chose to play someone who was assassinated. But did Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr. also have any type of premonitions about their death?

  7. Ghazal Bayat says:

    Compare and Contrast Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan Like example- They were both in the Republican party but Regan followed a neoconservative Movement (Reaganomics ) and TR followed a Progressive Movement Also, which President is better? In my opinion , TR was the better President

  8. Rosie=d says:

    Yes, there were two others. Who were they?

    I know–do you?
    zowie wowie, bradsgranny, you are good at this. You are the first correct answer yet again!

  9. Diana says:

    is squeaky interested in doig well in anything besides running?explain please guys.

  10. Margaret W says:

    Why isnt Sadam on the list?

  11. Kat says:

    I know 2 John F Kennedy and Lincoln

  12. Todd P says:

    I think he was assassinated. At first I was thinking Fidel Castro but know I’m thinking more along the lines of Condaleeza Rice or Susan B. Anthony considering his last two assassination attempts were done by women. Any ideas? It was murder, not ‘natural causes’ as the press wants you to believe.

  13. Pookiieinsanelette says:
  14. Jyotish says:

    *10 Points reward:*

    Do you know which US- presidents have been shot at (with a gun)? I don’t only mean the ones that died, but also those that survived the assault. Thanks so much!

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